Nicki Minaj’s Twisted Roman Ritual at Last Night’s Grammy Awards

Minaj in red accompanied by 'The Pope' walks the red carpet before last night's 2012 Grammy Awards

NOTE: Is there an insider ‘nudge, nudge, wink, wink’ about Minaj’s red carpet walk last night, escorted by ‘The Pope’? Given the news two days ago that someone inside the Vatican predicts that the Pope will die within a year, perhaps the ‘failed exorcism’ and the triumph of Satan at the end of the performance telegraph that a major shift is on its way.

It’s becoming a tradition for singers to bash the Catholic church at the Grammy Awards, but last night’s freak show turned up the volume to thirteen. The horrific music and demonic dancing seemed all the more inappropriate as the Music Industry was supposedly mourning the tragic death of Whitney Houston, who had died, according to a report at, of prescription drugs mixed with alcohol. The wild, Hollywood life had killed Houston, and Minaj’s sick idea of ‘exorcism’ and ribald/cross-dressing seemed highly inappropriate, but then Minaj doesn’t “play nice”.

The song featured in the video is from Minaj’s newest album, and it centered around her alter-ego, Roman Zolanski (an obvious tribute to the director of Rosemary’s Baby and husband to Charles Manson victim Sharon Tate: Roman Polanski). In fact, the Trinidad-born Onika Tanya Maraj (her real name) claims to have numerous ‘alter-egos’, including ‘Cookie’, Harajuku Barbie, Nicki Teresa, Rosa, and Nicki Minaj. Roman Zolanksi also has a ‘mother’ named Martha Zolanski.

Ironically, Minaj bears a tattoo on her left arm in Chinese letting that translates to ‘God is always with you’. Many of these alters joined her as a child, when she struggled to find peace in a household filled with drugs, violence, and constant fighting. She claims that ‘fantasy is her reality’.

Onika Maraj appears to have all but disappeared–at least onstage–so the public rarely sees the real person. Sadly, last night, Grammy watchers were horrified by Roman Zolanski’s appearance in a story that began with a film and ended with a live, failed ‘exorcism’. Whether or not Maraj is trying to tell us that she is the victim of ritual child abuse and that it caused her to split into multiple personalities is up for grabs. Russ Dizdar would have a field day with the video and Onika’s story. The real girl with ‘God is always with you’ must be in there somewhere, but the ‘god’ who is running her life is certainly not Jesus Christ.

The short film that opens the act shows a concerned white woman who asks a white Catholic priest to go upstairs and help her son Roman. The priest enters the bedroom to find ‘Roman’ (Minaj behaving crazily, wearing a cheap blond wig and a dress, singing ‘I feel pretty’). When confronted by the priest, Roman scrambles up the wall and hisses from the ceiling and whispers ‘You don’t belong here.” The priest asks the ‘demon’ his name. It screams ‘Roman!’

This sets up the remainder of the performance, live onstage. The set features a backdrop of massive, stained glass windows and Roman columns. Minaj is tied to a sacrificial altar in the center, high above the dancers. The song (‘Roman Holiday’ – lyrics here) is hideous, disjointed, jerky, and filled with slams at the Catholic church. The song presents an angry ‘man’ who just wants to ‘feel pretty’ without being judged by the church or by his family.  Roman refuses to leave or change, implying instead that the church needs to conform to his view of the world (I want them outlawed, now get ’em a goatee – indicating Baphomet).

The choreography features Satanic priests and monks (male and female) and two young acolytes (who look confused, particularly when demonic woman entice them). As the priest from the film enters the live performance, a choir sings a twisted version of ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’. Christians in the audience, who had not already walked out, should have run for the exits at this point in protest. Minaj has free will to hate the church and Christians, but we don’t have to endorse her perverse blasphemy by applauding when she’s done!

At the end, the stained glass windows shatter, unable to withstand the onslaught of Satan.’Roman’ levitates toward the ceiling, making it clear that the exorcism has failed. Satan triumphs. Nude demons writhe like snakes on the stage as the song ends.

I could only bear to watch this awful video twice, so I’m sure there is much symbolism I missed, so forgive me for not getting into more detail. What is the message here? Obviously, Minaj and many other artists who blaspheme God and openly praise Lucifer/Satan want to shock their audiences. Some might say that it’s all an act, that these are stage personae, not to be confused with the real person and his/her beliefs. It’s easy to blame the performer, but the blame must go much farther. Minaj has been ‘handled’ all along her rise to fame, and she is being used to program her fans with Satanic desires and hatred for Christ. Parents, take a look at your children’s music. Read the lyrics and look at the images on the CD artwork. Be discerning, dear friends. The enemy seeks to devour our children and turn them from Christ to Satan.  We must be diligent–and we must never turn a blind eye to their tastes. Yes, children have free will to choose just as you and I do, but parents much help them learn to choose wisely. How can we help them if we have no idea what their world is like?

(Here’s a link to the video, if you can stand to watch it!)





  1. Many years ago when my daughter was a teenager, I attended a Bible study group one night a week in the evenings. It was during one of our studies that the Holy Spirit prompted me to say that Satan wanted our children. It was very real to me as my daughter was spiritually struggling at the time. Well, the room was totally silent for it seemed like ages, and then to my surprise the subject was changed; no one commented at all, or even asked a question as to what I meant. Thank the LORD, my daughter is now married to a wonderful Christian man and is a watcher on the wall using her past struggle to help others via a blog regarding spiritual deception. Please allow me to reiterate your plea for parents to be vigilant and pray constantly over our children, for the enemy is a sly one.

  2. Author

    Denise, I’m thankful that the Lord led you and your daughter to the freedom that Christ wants for us all. The enemy seeks to ensnare us underneath his heavy yoke, but Jesus told us that His yoke is easy and His burden light! Christian families are targets, and sending our teens and preteens to youth activities does not guarantee their safety. Parenting is a sacred trust! May the Lord continue to bless you and your daughter and her husband–and their ministry as watchers on the wall!

  3. satan pays well but has a lousy retirement plan.

  4. Hi!
    I just read this and I am shocked!!! I will get rid of my Minaj-record. This is not okay. Thank you for sharing! / Rebecka, Sweden

  5. excerpted from Prophecies Org

    “My Blessed One, then let one’s talent be to My honor, that I might be glorified in the earth; for if one will not honor Me, the Creator, with such talents, that one will then honor Satan!

    How many want to be the next idol? And, in this, I am greatly angered! For, I will cast down your idols, Oh America! And, I will cause them to be cast down in front of your very eyes. You, oh America, are a nation of idol worshipers, a nation of harlots and whoremongers.

    Yet, when your idols perish in front of your faces, you, knowing that I hate idol worship, love to tell that your idols are in heaven!

    You, oh wretched harlot nation of America, you are falling, even as your idols are falling. Repent, oh you wicked nation; for my rod of fury is breaking across your very backbone.

    Gone with the wind are your treasures, you harlot nation. I, and I Alone, am Most High; and besides Me, there is no God before You. But, in your midst are gods of demons and devils, who shall deceive, even the elite, if it were possible.

    I am your Creator! I am your Father, oh My people Israel. I am your Father, oh you, who are grafted into the Vine. I, and I, alone am Most High; and I, and I, alone, am Saviour.

    Hear Me, oh you people, who languish in your great sins, My great judgments shall catch you unawares. And, many of you will fall in the midst of your sins and you will not get back up again.

    Idol worship, I loathe! Lying vanities, I loathe. Where will you be when I say “never again?” And, for many of you, this will sooner, rather than later.

    Repent, oh you harlot nation of America! I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God.

    As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of February, 2012,

    Linda Newkirk

  6. Whitney Houston’s death was a Satanic Sacrifice murder, read all about it at Prophecies Org. That is what the above excerpt is speaking to.

  7. I think an assault on any belief system that results in injury is wrong. That said this silly performance was a total success, people everywhere are talking about it. If your offended, turn the channel. If enough people turn the channel we wont see any similar acts again. Problem solved. I do find it funny tho, that to feel that she blasphemed god or that satan was the inspiration is to believe that either exist.

  8. Sharon, Thanks for the article. I didn’t watch the Grammy’s and I missed this “performance??” but I did catch it after a youtube comment by a christian man on how evil it was. It bothers me how many christians listen to secular music, including country music which is full of sin and evil. Christian parents allow their children to listen to this garbage, and view the movie that are evil as well. Satan IS capturing the minds of our children, and the church as well! We WINK at sin.

    I am praying that the CHURCH wakes up before it is too late! there is a scripture that many ignore.. WITHOUT HOLINESS NO MAN WILL SEE GOD! We need more holy and righteous people in the church!! Judgement begins in the house of the LORD!

  9. As a Catholic mom from a strongly Catholic family and community, Ive put up with this kind of slander and hatred all my life. Our priests always said Jesus told us we (and all Christians) would be treated like this…look how the world treated Jesus himself. The devil knows this is the end game and he is trying very hard to destroy ALL Christians.
    Pope Leo XIII overheard satan tell Jesus in 100 years he could have the whole world. Pope Leo then wrote the prayer to St Michael the Archangel to defend us from the devil through the grace of GOd It was said after every Mass until Vatican II. The gay child molesters who infiltrated and almost took over the church threw it out with the Latin Mass (Exorcists swear that the devil(s) hate Latin) and other important things that JPII and this old tough Pope are bringing back to arm us for spiritual warfare. We are in the fight of our lives, people.
    The government is trying to destroy home schooling and private (meaning religious) schools and take religion out of everything. That gives them the ability to write any evil they wish on the blank slates of the childrens minds. When we grew up it was like the series Happy Days…innocent and safe, in a Christian world. by the time i had kids, I scrubbed floors to keep them in a Catholic school and even moved twice to break up friendships with kids who were allowed to do anything and had no moral compass.
    Now the president who is for gay marriage and is trying to turn women against the church and get thier vote by saying we dont want birth control. A LIE. the church allows and assists with all kinds of natural planning. What the church doesnt want is abortion, especially partial birth, which means if they pulled out the rest of the baby , sticking surgical scissors in its brains would be murder. What is next?
    We all have to VOTE right. We must pray ALWAYS. Each year a group of us ladies go out to a spiritual retreat by lake Superior and fast and pray for 3 days and THANK God for protecting our area, our nation. Google George Washigtons dream about St. Michael appearing to him before he died about the fate of the USA. Its interesting. It has been supressed because its so true.
    As Bishop Sheen always said, We have the BOOK, and we know how this whole thing will end. The thing is, we need to try and save as many souls as we can to take with us.

  10. First we have Madonna doing her satanic rituals in front of millions of unsuspecting (blinded) viewers on Sunday night and then this disgusting act again in front of millions on Monday. Is this an indication that we can expect to see more of this on TV blatantly in the open. Nothing is being hidden anymore but still the world is blinded to it. Jesus come soon!

  11. This article is informative but one has to read through the editorializing to do much thought about it. Early on it calls the music horrific. Music quality is generally a matter of taste, and horrific music will not connect with any audience, so while it may not be the writer’s, or my preference, that was a signal to me to read judiciously.

    I found fact, illusion, and disillusion here. It fails to speak to the Catholic Complex’s failure to more aggressively deal with behaviors that might induce inappropriate responses.

    I’m not sure that the “wild, Hollywood life” killed Whitney, because that life has not had the same effect on all entertainers, and we all know people who die like that who’ve never touched Hollywood.

    It goes on to say, “Grammy watchers were horrified…” and yet there are no interviews to substantiate.

  12. “The short film that opens the act shows a concerned white woman who asks a white Catholic priest to go upstairs and help her son Roman.” What does the fact that they are white have to do with anything?

    This article says, “The enemy seeks to devour our children and turn them from Christ to Satan. We must be diligent–and we must never turn a blind eye to their tastes.”

    What about children the church devours? This article carry more cache with me had it been written in the spirit of, “We don’t know the whole story of Nicki, or her family, but we do know that this is the effect that Christian missteps can have on society, young people, and their entertainers. Let us pray for Nicki to find forgiveness and healing for her (whatever it is, anger? hate?) condition, and all of those who exploit or are exploited by the dominance of their contempt and disrespect. Let’s reach out in Jesus’ name to all who are hurt.”

  13. As a ritual abuse/mind control survivor I can say that this video is replete with symbolism that comes right out of common ritual abuse trauma. Things that jumped out at me which I already have memories of are: the act of putting a girl on a pedestal or table/altar and a man in religious garb or an actual “religious” man during the day doing sexual things with her, tied standing to a wheel or wall of some kind, levitation, people singing hymns and carols in an off key, mocking way, crazy serpentine dancing with smoke and fire… all of these are in my memories…. Also communicated were the perceptions and beliefs of alter selves: failed exorcisms, parts (internal alters) inside either being or believing to be “wedded” with a demon or demons, parts believing their condition to be permanent and themselves to be doomed…among others. I’ve shared this on FB with a high trigger warning to my survivor friends. What is going on? The Madonna one last week was also highly triggering to a ritual abuse survivor and full of symbols representing our abuse and the traumas we endured.

    How long will it be before people believe that the things we bear witness to are real? Does it have to happen before your very eyes for you to believe??

  14. Hello,
    This is my first time to your site. I thank you for the article on this in-your-face satanic mess called the music industry. I didn’t watch the show but saw it on video later. Sad, sad, sad what is going on and is excused away as ‘entertainment’!How blasphemy and satanic themes are considered ‘enjoyment’ is beyond me!It is disturbing on so many levels! I thought I would share a video rant by Mark Dice that explains a bit more on this subject. There are some lyrics he shows, warning they are insanely graphic, to give you a jest of what people are listening to and allowing their children to listen to. What, to me is as disturbing, if not more so was the two little girls on the Ellen show who’s idol is Minaj. He shows it in his video. You can see the mother’s excitement, too. Awful!I’m sorry for me rambling on, this subject causes my mind to wander and break.

  15. Hello, Dear Souls! May we all humble ourselves before our Blessed Saviour; and may we come together in love for our Mighty Saviour, and for one another. The ways of Satan are brutal; and people are, in no way, ready for the great assaults that they must endure. You can change the channel today, but you will not change the nature of the terrors, that are now falling upon the whole earth. Satan is pure evil; and he is sly, like a fox. He truly makes evil seem good and good seem evil. I have been his victim for many years; and I know him well, but I also live a most miraculous life. Jesus is the Love of my life. He has kept me through the years of vicious satanic assaults, and He will keep you also, at least as long as you are to be here. But, you, who love our Saviour, are going to be tried and tested in severe and harsh ways. Be determined in your faith. When he comes to beat you down, get up again. Pray, pray, pray! When he comes to torture you and to persecute you, praise our Blessed Saviour. Do not fall into self pity. And, if you have bad days and weep and wail. Then, get up again and sing praises to our Mighty King. Blessed is His Holy Name. The Lord will help you, Dear Ones. Sending you the love of my heart, linda newkirk

  16. Sharon….I “don’t do” Facebook. I did listen to you and Derek on PID radio and you guys are so much fun besides being full of up to date information and Bible knowledge. Seems sometimes you know more than the folks you are interviewing.. I love how your personalities merge……each in your own right bursting with comments but you both yield the floor to each other. What a neat team.
    Wanted to comment on the day you both were so sick and didnt want to do a show just to do a show. Well… know what this is important for the sheep to see that you guys are….guess what…..human and only have two strand DNA and get tired and sick and sometimes are not right on the cutting edge; but we need you at those times also because you are both full of the Bible and Jesus and can minister to both yourselves and us at the same time. I compare it to staying home on a Friday night and going to bed early with a great book and mug of hot chocolate… honest, real, friendly and comfortable night.
    May God continue to bless your already fabulous relationship and carry your ministry into many surprising and Kingdom profitable encounters.
    Really, really love and appreciate you both.
    If not sooner hope to see you at the Wedding Feast with our King of Kings.
    Joanne C. Popko

  17. I’m all for bashing on the pagan occultic Roman catholic church.

  18. Wow. What a sad Lady Gaga rip off. Not that lady Gaga is original, but this chic is just a joke. Kill it with fire.

  19. @ Dave: 2% of priests had the problem you and others PERPETUALLY refer to. Can we get past that for 5 seconds?? And by the way, according to experts the problem is 100% worse with teachers and in public schools, but you will never hear that.

    Speaking of ‘devouring children.’ How ’bout the 50+ MILLION ‘devoured’ by the United States because of the horrendous crime of abortion?
    It’s enough to make the NAZIs blush. The more people try to silence and accuse the Church the more the NAZI side will win and an entire generation of children will be currupted by Hollywood-the true child molesters.

  20. If they only knew how damned they are without knowing God (Jesus Christ). They just don’t realize how Holy God is and the need for Jesus to cleanse us of our sins before we come before Him.

  21. In the face of all that is wrong, support what is right and try not to judge others as you will be judged if you do. Love ALL from your heart even if you do not like their actions. Understand that their actions are being manipulated from the unseen level and the real action takes place in the spiritual warfare that some Roman Catholics and others blessed directly with the Holy Spirit are invited to fight in for the good of all. If you wish to help on the unseen level, pray – it is a great weapon. Have faith and give your will over to God daily. Amazing things will happen around you as you raise the vibrations through God’s light and love.

  22. Whats funny is how easily everyone believes one thing without RESEARCHING it. Open your fkn minds. If “god” is so living, why does he condemn people to hell, why is he giving the earth to “satan”?
    If “god” is all knowing, then he already knows my future, he knows exactly what will happen in. my entire life, therefore he predetermined that I will “go to hell”. Wtf kind of god is that?
    Im sorry to say it, but the population is getting dumber and dumber. Not because drugs or media, because the ignorant uninformed parents who force religion on their children. Why not just teach then to be good. Why force jesus and satan (these wildly fantasized mythical creatures, such as unicorns) and “you’ll burn in hell if you dont believe”?
    Whitney houston died, whoopdeedoo. People die every day from drugs and alcohol. It has nothing to do with satan, in fact I’m sure she believed in god!!!! People have problems, again, since god is ALL KNOWING he predetermined her path, despite her beliefs.
    Open your goddamn minds up, do some research.
    Just because your parents said the bible is a historical document does not mean it is. My parents said the sky is purple, is it? Hell no its not.
    And wtf, music is evil now? Who is telling you people this? Are you ONLY aloud to listen to music about jesus? Hahaha, country is evil?! Country is depressing, true, but why on earth would it be considered evil?! Sure, rap has bad qualities, but really, country? Ignorant.

    1 more thing. Linda newkirk.
    She claims to be a “prophet”. This b.itch is a money hungry retard, and if ANYTHING were to be considered evil, she would be it. You people read one thing on the internet or read one book and take it as the truth. Uhm, RESEARCH YOUR SH.IT. Read the other 10,000 sites about your”so called.facts”. Dear lord, learn something, for gods sake. Jesus christ.
    (am I smited for that? No. still kickin, and living a damn happy enjoyable life. WITHOUT MYTHICAL JESUS OR MYTHICAL SATAN.)

  23. Nicki Minaj is NOT a devil-worshiper. She performed the song at the grammys to show off her theatrical skills…She went to school for acting for 3 or 4 years. If you think what she did was so horrific and disrespectful,then why watch???? Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean that the rest of her millions of fans all over the world don’t.And you should also get your facts straight before you post things about artists that aren’t true.

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