DNA Sequencing: Is Science Fiction Becoming Medical Fact? | Forbes

With the implementation of Obamacare, a challenge went out to researchers to devise the $100 genetic profiling kit. This less expensive method is, of course, meant to cut costs to taxpayers, who ultimately bear the burden for public healthcare, but such a cost-cutting kit might also provide doctors with an inexpensive ‘selection’ tool.

Certainly, this new technology can and will be used to better diagnose and treat children both before and after birth, however its potential for abuse is terrifying. Forget eugenics–forget parental selection. Think economics. Will our government one day force parents to choose abortion rather than pay for a lifetime of doctor visits for a genetically defective child? Will individuals one day be required to submit to genetic screening to ensure healthy children and a healthier ‘nation’?

It’s coming. And it may be just one generation away–if we’re here that long. Even so come, Lord Jesus!

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