Google+ is the new Google

G+ is the hub for the new Google.

Thanks to a suggestion at Google+ by my friend and fellow believer, Steve McHenry, I ‘attended’ a webinar today all about the positives of Google+. Most of you know all about Facebook, both the ups and downs, but G+ is still gaining followers. In fact, when heading to my G+ page, I sometimes swear I see cobwebs in the corners. Not many of my Facebook friends have moved over–yet. But here is what I learned today that has convinced me that G+ holds great promise for any business person, author, podcaster, or consumer.

Up until now, Google has been a piecemeal sort of Giant. Maps here. Search engine there. Email over there. iGoogle start page for a few like myself (there are those cobwebs again!), YouTube (bought by Google), Google Play, News, and of course Android. Google has been all over the place.

But from now on, it will be in ONE place. All through Google+. At least that is the vision. No, it doesn’t mean that you have to start there to find anything, but it does mean that Google can become your best friend when it comes to making your way to the top of that slush pile (hint: can you spell ‘SEO’?). For instance, as an author, I will link to this and do so by using hashtags. Since I’m posting it to G+, I’m automatically entered in the SEO slushpile ‘sweepstakes’ (so to speak).

Another great reason that G+ is looking good for our particular ministry is because of ‘hangouts’ (essentially, it’s a free video call with up to 10 participants). If you’re not yet signed up at G+, then you might not be familiar with this point and click webinar protocol. It is easy, it’s embeddable, and it’s absolutely free. Can you say that about most of the online streaming sites? Not only can we post our PID Radio programs, but we can host video roundtable specials with some of your favorite guests–and it can stream live to the public AND be archived at YouTube or at our own site, automatically, for free.

I’m betting that your church or faith organization can use hangouts, too! Host a Bible study ‘hangout’, a class for any age, any topic. Hangouts don’t have to be public for streaming. They can include only a few friends, talking about life, faith, ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

You know, I often write about the ways in which the internet is helping our government and the emerging new world order infiltrate our homes and our minds, but the net isn’t just about bad things. It is also about connecting believers in Illinois to believers in South Africa, Australia, the UK, and all across the globe.

The Lord has allowed the net to be invented (perhaps we should say ‘discovered’ by man for His reasons. Let us use the internet, then, and whatever means we may to share His message, to lift up Christ and Him crucified, to proclaim the good news of salvation and the second coming of our Savior and King!

Yes, we’ll be using Facebook, and our websites, but Derek and I also be using G+, especially the ‘hangout’ function in the coming months. See you there!


  1. That’s good news – I’ve been waiting for G+ to catch on.

  2. Glad to hear it! I like G+, mostly for the Explore feature to find interesting cat pictures, I mean interesting posts on different topics. 😉

    G+ hasn’t quite caught on with the masses, but those that use it seem to like it.

  3. Soooooo. sounds really good and tried to set up account, but MUST we G+ as ‘home page’ by default and agree to allow Google to ‘personalize’ ads for us???

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