Fatal Error: The Prince and the Power of the Air


Note: A PID friend and listener recently sent us a marvelous gift–an external hard drive with a terabyte of storage. Had it not been for this gift, I could not have backed up the massive amounts of Photoshop files I had on Ti. Because of V. (I won’t mention your name unless you grant permission to do so), years of hard work were saved. Thanks!! — Sharon

May 20, 2009

DEREK and I bought my Titanium laptop five years ago in the spring of 2004. In computer years, ‘Ti’ is an old timer. Over the years, Ti (short for Titanium) has helped me write countless posts, design dozens of websites, crunch numbers, create book covers and graphics, and keep in touch with friends and family. Ti’s like an electronic member of the Gilbert House family: familiar, faithful, and friendly.

Until yesterday.

If you’ve listened to last night’s PID Radio installment, then you already know about the trials and tribulations of poor old Ti. If not, here’s the simplified version. I had just completed an article for PID News and decided to check Google for updates on the Bilderberg conference, when Safari froze up completely. Now, even on a Mac, this sometimes happens, but it’s relatively easy to remedy the situation. This time, however, nothing worked (trust me, I’m an old hand at Macs, so I know the tricks). Only one other program was open–Entourage, my email client (Microsoft–it figures).

As I puzzled over the problem, a very strange thing happened. A dozen or so stripes of black flashed across the top left of my screen, bearing white typing in Courier font. I can’t tell you what it said, because it didn’t linger–and my PowerBook went dark.

Several prayers and two reboot attempts later, the Lord helped me restart from the installation DVD long enough to try a utilities fix–the hard drive could not be repaired–it was a fatal error.

Ok. Again, I prayed, and managed to reboot the machine again–this time opening Entourage long enough to send out an email alert to those wonderful prayer partners! Thank you! Your prayers and petitions worked, and the Lord kept Ti working long enough for me to back up most of the important files.

Many simply would not copy (I kept getting ‘corrupt’ error messages). I’ve got the majority of my writing files–some a couple of months old, so I’ll be re-writing some of Doctrines of Demons and Powers & Principalities.

My address book and saved emails all had fatal errors. Sigh. Thanks to the Lord for helping, and to all who prayed. Ti is now reformatted and all software has a fresh install. Ti’s working like he’d just come off the showroom floor! Yes, he’s scuffed up and scarred, but that’s how warriors look.

Warriors? How can a computer be a ‘warrior’?

Think about it this way. Ti is part of the Gilbert House arsenal in the battle against supernatural forces. The Bible tells us that Satan is the “prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2). The ‘air’ itself is a domain, a governing throne, and Satan rules all that lies within that realm, including communications, i.e. the Internet. Is it any surprise then that the World Wide Web falls under his control? (Curiously, ‘www’ in Hebrew (vau, vau, vau) numerically equals ‘666’.)

So, the next time you experience a glitch or an unexpected event while browsing or sending email, remember who runs the system.

But also remember that Satan rules by permission. God has granted him temporary ownership, but Christ paid the ransom to get it all back–he bought back the deed. One day very soon, Christ will return to lay claim to what is now rightfully His. I bet Ti will still be on the front lines when that happens. How about you?


  1. Sharon, I bought and read your book Winds of Evil. I saw that it is book one of the Laodicea Chronicles. I want to buy the others. Can you help me locate them? I have searched for the titles, just to know what to buy, I can’t find anything. Please help…..Thanks

  2. I bought the second book in the Laodecia Chronicles from lulu.com and am waiting on the 3rd to be published! Do you have an expected date yet?? I am hooked, what great characters!

  3. I like Jennifer, read books one and two of “The Laodicea Chronicles” and am hooked; I am anxiously waiting for the 3rd book to be published.

    I cannot find your email address. Maybe you don’t publish it.
    I happened across your 8/4/08 article THE CURIOUS TALE OF BRUCE EDWARDS IVINS.
    Jean Carol Duley’s spelling may not be so bad after all. Just an observation of mine that the word “therIpist” as she writes may be her deliberate mistake; because the correct spelling “therapist” really has two words within it namely: the rapist!!Is this just an accident or what.
    And just one more thought: regarding those anthrax letters that were delivered and killed 5 or more people 2001/02, was there not speculation at the time that there were 2 people posting envelopes because 2 of the arrivals could not have been posted at the same time by 1 person. After this speculation, WE HEARD NO MORE ABOUT IT. Don’t you agree?

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