MS Squared

FINALLY, I can understand why my mind has been so divided regarding writing. For two years now, I’ve been struggling to complete the third book in the Laodicea series (Doctrines of Demons), but the story, characters, and general ‘feel’ of it has never quite satisfied me. It’s been a love/hate relationship: I love writing, but hate that this third book has proven to be such a landmine.

If you listen to PID Radio, then you likely know that I’ve been undergoing tests with a neurologist for multiple sclerosis (MS).  Diagnosing MS is a long process that requires the neurologist to eliminate other possibilities (such as Lupus, Arteritis, Sjogren’s, and Lyme’s Disease, just to name a few of the dozens of differential diagnoses). I’ve had all but one test (lumbar puncture), and the neurologist still is calling it MS, so it looks like that’s what’s been ‘dogging’ me for years now.

One lesion in my right frontal lobe may be the cause of my ‘divided mind’ at times. It sits in a very creative part of my brain, so it’s conceivable that the lesion can affect my ability to ‘feel satisfied’ with the end product. Knowing this has brought me a sort of relief!  The first two books in the series came together much more quickly, so I had begun to wonder if I would ever finish the 3rd and 4th books! Now that I have a better appreciation for the ‘organic’ impediment, I can move ahead–one small step at a time–without becoming frustrated by my slow progress.

So, despite the medical MS, I pray that the Lord will grant me His strength to complete the literary MS (manuscript). MS squared. That’s my formula for the weeks to come. Please, pray that the Lord will keep my mind clear and my fingers moving!  You have all been so patient; I’d never  have made it through all the ups and downs and ‘bad’ days without your prayers and encouragement.

More soon…


  1. Thank you so much for your update. I will be praying for as you have requested. God is good and His Mercy endures forever. Your courage to face this situation in complete trust of our Heavenly Father brings encouragement to me as well as other I am sure. You are never alone for the eyes of the Lord are always on you. I think about you and Derek often…the example you both have set and the openness you have aloud with regards to your daily lives and walk with the Lord. I have followed your programs and writing for the last few years. Thank you both for the clear straight forward message of the Gospel, never watered down always reminding us of the truth in a world that is going crazy.
    Your Sister in Christ~Sharon G

  2. Dear Sharon,
    My husband and I discovered PID just last year, and have been enjoying all you and Derek do more than we can say. It was through a link from one of your interviews that I discovered Joe Jordan and his web site, and those who are involved in similar ministry. I was involved in the new-age practices in the latter 60’s-early 70’s, and had numerous occult and “alien” type experiences, but was set free from all of them through my relationship with Christ Jesus. My testimony is posted on Joe’s web site. ( it is quite abbreviated, as there are numerous pages to relay all of what I had gone through)
    I was blessed beyond measure to hear how the Last Days conference turned out, and wished I could have attended!

    Sharon, I want to pass along some information that could be very valuable to you, as I have a good deal of experience in the field of biochemistry as it applies to natural health. (it was not my major in college, but should have been) I have researched and applied it to myself and for the benefit of others for years. This information has nothing to do with making any profit on my end, as it is not mlm, or any such thing. Just good information.
    I have known about Dr. Bob Marshall for many years, as he had a clinic in Torrence CA, and a call in radio program. He later started his own research labs, as he was dismayed about the poor quality of health supplements that was available. His products are powerful, with no fillers, no pesticides, and many are designed through special processes to be absorbed into the system far more completely than the standard processes. I have had some dramatic results from his compounds and formulas, too many to list here. (he is in his 70’s, and runs numerous miles each week)
    He has stated on his program while discussing various diseases and ailments, that there are actually viruses that can be responsible for the breakdown of our organs and nervous system, and with the proper help, the body can get rid of them as the immune system is restored, and the viruses are cleaned out. I have heard numerous testimonies of people that were diagnosed with problems (according to the MD’s) that were going to require surgery/drugs but were healed through the proper application of natural compounds and supplements. Dr. Marshall does employ an MD in his clinic for diagnoses, which is important, and his other staff, a bio-chemist, chiropractor and clinical nutritionist, all pool their expertise to administer the correct treatment.
    I have never been to his clinic in TX, but I have found the help I need from asking questions when I call in to make an order. They never try to sell or offer any hype of any kind, they just answer questions. I do know that people from all over the US come to the clinic in Roundrock, TX, and there have been MS patients as well.
    His web site is 800-370-3447 I have been helped a great deal by talking with one of the guys there that takes orders, who is exceptionally helpful, and I try to get to his extension whenever I have a particular question. His name is Dwight, ext. 2509. If you ask anything that is beyond his expertise, he will research it for you by going to Dr. Marshall, and will call you back. (when I was in S California in the latter 80’s, I blew out my knee while going over an obstacle course at the Sheriff academy, (1989) and I mean it was shredded badly. I called Dr. Marshall’s clinic then in Torrence for some advice, and he just happened to answer the phone. I knew that was God at work on my behalf! I asked what I should take to help heal my shredded knee, and broken leg as well. He told me what I should get at the health food store, and did. I went through some hard re-hab on the knee, as it was frozen from being in a cast from the break. I then was told by the orthopedic surgeon that did the final analysis, that I would need more surgery because there was torn meniscus still behind my knee cap. I never had the surgery…I have no pain today at all, and I am 58. I went on to be as athletic as I had always been, went to Japan for a year as a missionary, came back and finished what I started by acing police academy at age 42, went back to training horses for a while, and my knee was never a problem. I believe though if I had not the excellent source of supplements I have had, I would have had some problems, as my back was strained badly from previous years of training horses, and other broken bones from that. But today, I have no aching joints anywhere, I hike for miles, ride, and figure skate.) I say all this to encourage you…I believe there is a way to repair what is happening in your body, regardless of what the MD’s say. I know we need them for diagnoses, but not for healing.
    You will continue to be in my prayers, as I believe that always comes first, and must always continue.

    I am currently working on writing a book, and it is a bigger undertaking than what I had envisioned. I have known for years that I would one day write about my testimony of being in the mind science, yoga, human potential movement, and the resultant occult experiences. But because I also knew it would be only in God’s timing…otherwise it would end up a work of my flesh…I have not been truly released in my spirit and heart to do this until 2009. After I saw what took place in Lakeland, Florida, I was sensing the time for my book was near. It was an absolutely deplorable debacle, and a shocking expose of what is actually taking place within what is being touted as “Christian” churches. I had a personal, eye opening experience just before I beheld Todd Bentley doing his counterfeit “healing revival” on the stage, and it was one I hope to never repeat. I posted it on as Anatomy of Deception: My Morningstar Experience It was a real wake up call as to how we are to be continously testing and examining what is being presented as being “from God.”
    1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

    For a brief time I had been involved with some hyper-charismatic churches, and how thankful I am to have discerned something there was not right, but it took me some time, and research, to be able to identify and articulate just what was actually taking place. It was in 2002 that I made a final exit from those churches (my husband Ken and I were married in 2006) I lived in Denton, TX in 2001, and went to Chuck Pierces’ church, Glory of Zion, twice. It was just completely void of anything substantial in the way of presenting God’s word, and it was as if the people involved there “mesmerized” by all the prophetic hoo-ha, but it was not truly prophetic. I later discovered Chuck was the “copy and paste” prophet that quoted out of the kabbalah. I have attended some of the conferences put on by NAR…one in Colorado Springs, (1999) on the grounds of C Peter Wagner’s World Prayer Center, and one in Kansas City, at Mike Bickles church.(2002) The NAR was just forming then when I heard Wagner speak in CO, and my friend and I that went really did not know what they were all about until later, but we knew on the last day of the conference there was some serious manipulation afoot, but did not know where it was all leading.

    There is a great deal to be said about the NAR, their false doctrine, it’s origin, the occult and new-age in the church, the Emergent church and their wacky quantum mysticism that Doug Pagitt, Rob Bell and Brian McLaren all expound. I am writing about all this stuff…been there, done that, and have the T-shirt. When I hear from their own mouths what they are actually teaching and believe, it is glaringly obvious they have been reading such inspirational material as The Tao of Physics, by Fritjof Capra. (I read this book in 1984, just before I met the Lord face to face and was radically born again.) There is nothing new, or original in what the Emergents teach. The NAR and the Emergents do overlap, and the other article on my wordpress page describes some of that, although I do not mention Emergents, their philosophy and involvement in metaphysics is shared by many of the NARs such as Bill Johnson. So much to say about that, but I will send you a copy of my book…because I could just keep writing all day about it.

    If you have any questions about Dr. Marshall, and what he does, please write or call.

    Home 479-304-3007 Cell 479-283-7780

    Thanks again for all your diligent work you both do to inform and disclose…we are living in such perilous times, but for those who are the Lord’s, it is exciting, and difficult. My own circumstances lately have been pressing, but I see the enemy at work to try and discourage those who are bringing a message to expose the works of darkness. We need to be praying for one another, who are at that task, as it can be the key to setting someone else free.

    In His Name,

    Lora Uptegrove

    West Fork, AR

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