Nearly ten years later….

It dawned on both Derek and me this morning that we’ve been at this ‘blogging bit’ for nearly ten years. We began in October 2002 for that year’s National Novel Writing Month marathon, and we’ve been going since. PID Radio began a few years later in March 2005, so we’ll soon celebrate seven years of mind-numbing blather.

We’ve made many wonderful friends along this journey, and we’ve met and interviewed resourceful colleagues–way too many to list. We thank each and every one of you for your support, prayers, and faithful listenership. Derek and I look forward to the coming prophetic year, and we hope to bring you more great interviews on VFTB as well as insights into the machinations of the supernatural realm during our Sunday night chats on PID Radio.

Thanks be to our God and King for guiding us along His path. May we all work to prepare the way for the coming King of Kings, Jesus Christ, who will soon reign upon this earth as He promised.