NaNoWriMo Diary: Day 10

Perhaps it’s an indication of my diligence that I’ve not posted a diary entry for a while. Despite being dragged down by a weighty return of my fibromyalgia (the change of seasons often ‘does me in’), I’ve taken advantage of the need to rest while keeping my fingers moving.

It’s just like me to write four books at once, but so far the balancing act is working out well. One book is a prequel to another book. The third book is a cousin to the first two, and the fourth is a non-fiction elaboration on my recent presentations in Canton and Branson. Many of you have asked me to expand on this talk, so it’s been a delight to do so in a book, tentatively titled ‘Molecular Babylon’.

The word count when writing four books rises quickly, and I’m particularly delighted that the count on the non-fiction work is coming along so well. Non-fiction is relatively new to me, having written only the two chapters included with Tom Horn’s last two books, Pandemonium’s Engine and God’s Ghostbusters. Non-fiction requires citation whenever I quote or depend upon an outside source, which adds to the labor. However, the subject matter is near and dear to my heart and to my brain–genetics and posthumanity.

To all my WriMo colleagues: I pray that your writing is going well and that you’re loving the challenge! See you at the finish line!