August 12, 2008

IT’S ALL ABOUT POWER, and it’s all about to escalate. The spiritual entities that lie behind every world leader are waging a war for control — a war against the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. The ultimate prize in this continuing war is Israel, God’s chosen nation.

Students of Biblical prophecy will recognize the phrase Gog and Magog War, and I’d dare say at this point, many non-scholars will as well. As the war in Georgia leads into its fifth official day of fighting, I can’t help seeing a terrifying alignment of military incursions with one final goal: Invasion of Israel.

Take a look at the map below of the Black Sea Region.

Note the countries that surround the Black Sea are clockwise: Ukraine (which includes an ‘autonomous region’ called Crimea (the little island off the southern coast of Ukraine), Russia, Georgia (that includes the autonomous region of Abkhazia, which directly borders the Black Sea), Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania. Now, let’s take a look at the US Missile Defense Shield countries: So far, the Czech Republic and most probably Ukraine have signed on. But word is that the US wants installations in Georgia as well. With Ukraine and Georgia seeking NATO membership (Georgia’s might be fast-tracked now), expect NATO bases to pop up in both countries.

In other words, within the coming five years, the United States, the EU, and NATO (eg. the West) will position themselves to foil Russian plans in the region.

Note, too, that the Russian Navy is currently based in the Black Sea courtesy of Ukraine, but Ukraine has ordered Russia to close up shop. That’s where the ‘autonomous region’ of Crimea comes in.

So, what am I getting at? Here’s the batting order:

1. Putin takes South Ossetia and even incurs into Georgia.
2. Putin takes Abkhazia (the Russians are already there).
3. Putin ‘assists’ Crimea in breaking totally free of Ukraine.
4. Putin invades Turkey on the way to Israel.

Jesus Christ stands ready to return for His Bride, but we may well see the Gog Magog invasion before the trumpet sounds. Iran, Syria, and a host of Muslim nations all have military alliances with Russia. Right now, Israel’s nuclear capabilities provide a major deterrent against an Iranian attack. But Russia is a nuclear power, and a sudden invasion by the Soviet Bear would not only stun the world, but could appear impossible to stop.

Except for Jesus. He can and will stop it. A miraculous deliverance will take place, and God’s chosen people Israel will see God’s face shine upon them once again. The Seventieth Week is nearly here. Are you ready? Do you know Christ as Savior? Don’t wait until tomorrow. Now is the time for action. Now — before it’s too late.


  1. Exactly what I have been contemplating and thinking about since last Friday. I have been telling everyone I can to get out their Bibles and read, re-read Ezekiel 38 and 39. Thank you for this article and please put more comments and observations regarding this situation between Georgia, Russia and the West. Many need to hear this and understand the late hour we are living in. That includes my two unsaved sons who are currently in the U.S. military and may have to face this Gog of Magog onslaught.

  2. Is it that late already??? May God Help us all, I had a spectacular dream about this when I was nineteen years old and I am now in my early forties.

  3. Looney-Tune.

  4. Well, this certainly bares close watching, but also, there’s that little Armada steaming into the Gulf of death & disaster that likewise {possibly MORE} needs close scrutiny…

    I have little doubt that we’re heading into PERILOUS & DARK days. THANK GOD FOR JESUS & HIS SPIRIT & WORD!

  5. Hal Lindsey thinks not! I do think that you might be on to something, I realize as a Christian myself and would rather be out of here before it all hits the fan but who knows the Lords mind?!


  6. There’s no doubt that something major is going on. The nations are aligning themselves for war. The middle east is a tinder box waiting to explode and the world’s leaders are insane. Now we can begin to see the world’s need for a man of peace to come on the scene. And we know who is coming…the man of Sin.

  7. We’ll all know what’s happening when some charasmatic leader has the parties involved sign a 7 year peace agreement. Then the clock starts ticking. Looking forward to it. We are living in a Biblically historical time. How great our God is!

  8. I seriously think you may be basing your main contention on a false premise. For years many writers have been using the terms of Gog and Magog as representing Russia and Geermany which may not be valid. Mishna Moed an ancient weiting refers to the wall of China as the wall of Magog, which would infer that it is the Chinese and the Mongolians rather than the Russians and Germans as you claim.

  9. The Russian bear will continue to trek south, Turkey will welcome Russia with open arms. Turkey will be ground zero for the assembly are of the Gog/Magog alliance. The Black Sea Fleet will pour through the bosporus strait into the Meditteranean Sea. Once assembled they will begin to descend on Syrian territory and into the Bekka valley held by Hezbollah. It is here that this confederation will meet their rapid end. The Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque will be reduced to rubble from the earthquake recorded in Ezekiel 38. The Third Temple will rise in their place as well as the coming Anti-Christ offering peace and prosperity. Israel will bury the Gog/Magog alliance for 7 months to cleanse the land in preparation for the coming glory of the Lord God entering the rebuilt Temple upon Mt. Moriah. This fall season we will see the key unlock the door to the remaining unfulfilled prophecy and yet at the same time the Bride will be presented to the Bridegroom. Shalom, Baruch Ha Ba B’Shem Adonai.

  10. I feel that you are on the right path but I fear that you are a bit ahead of yourself. Certain preconditions must be met before The Magog invasion of Israel. These provisions are set out in Ezekiel. The provisions are as follows 1. You will invade a land that has recovered from war. (Israel has recovered from many wars yet its recovery is not a full one as it continues to fight today) This condition has not been met. 2. People gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate (this prophecy is mostly fullfilled as Israel has been restocked with the ancestors of its former inhabitants from all corners of the Earth and it has bloomed like an oasis in the desert). Condition met. They have been brought out from the nations and now all of them live in safety. (The inhabitants of Israel definitely dwell in the land of their ancestors but they do not dwell in safety. Suicide bombmings and bulldozer attacks by craze Palastinian terrorists are the rule and not the exception.) This condition is not met. Ezekiel states that Gog will say to himself, “I will invade a land of unwalled villages; I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people—all of them living without walls and without gates and bars.” (This condition is not met Israel is by no means a peaceful and unsuspecting people living without walls and without gates and bars. Military checkpoints into and out of the country as well as the security wall being built in Israel are in direct contrast to this verse in Ezekiel) This condition is not met. Although I do agree that Russia meets the requirements to head the Magog invasion I can safely assure you that the invasion will not occur before all prophetic conditions are met. We as Christians must be excited when we see prophecy being birthed yet also wary lest we mislead those whom we seek to win over because we apply prophecy in an erroneous way. Magog is awake of this there is no doubt but an invasion of Israel shall not come until all conditions set forth in the prophecy are met. If we are to use prophecy then we must use it within the context in which it is found. We can’t as Christians put forth the imminent Magog invasion of Israel without accepting that all the condtions of its fullfillment must first be met. If we do we do (in our zeal to serve the Lord and share his word with others do a great diservice instead. Prophecy from God within the Bible is without error. It is all true or none of it is true. We as Christians cannot simply overlook those things which haven’t been fullfilled in order to make prophecy fit what we think should happen. Don’t force prophecy as eventually it will fall into place on its own.

  11. Israel dwells securely having confidence in their military might to defend their citizens from various enemies. The word peace is not mentioned or found in Ezekiel 38-39. The unwalled villages refer to Israeli settlements where there is no security barrier and settlers rely heavily on their own ability as armed citizens. The Temple could not be built as a rallying point for the dispersed of the House of Israel as their enemies remain strong. The Tabernacle will be built as a testimony to all the enemies of Israel and they will witness the glory of the Lord resting upon the Mt. Moriah. The Son of Perdition has nothing to do with the Holy Temple of God and its construction, yet his time will arrive while the nations are in great distress and cry for peace and prosperity. The Gog/Magog battle will collapse the global economy simply because the Lord God will send fire upon the homelands of the invaders and those involved in the peace process to divide the Land of God. These fires will ignite oil fields and refineries all over the globe. While Israel will bury these enemies for 7 months in that time Jews from every nation will return home as it is written. The Lord God will plead with Israel as with their Fathers in the wilderness he will instruct them in righteousness, mercy, and love. The Two Witnesses will be then prepared for time of their testimony preparing the way of the Lord and gathering the flock. Shalom, Baruch Ha Ba B’Shem Adonai.

  12. I have a simple question. What on earth are you guys smoking? That’s got to be real stuff to shoot the brain this out.

    Russian attacking Israel to remove Christianity?

    Does Israel stand for Christianity in your book?

    Has Russia displayed anything that can be a sign of anti-Christian intentions?

    Isn’t Russia a mainly Christian nation itself?

    You need Jesus to come back and save you morons from hurting yourselves.

  13. This is idiotic. first off i dont know why im here but israel today is not like the biblical land. Its controlled by the zionist regime that has a stranglehold on american foreign policy and bringing us into these endless wars against islam. Zionists are destroying christianity here and whats left of it in the middleast. Jesus was born in the palestinian territories..WWJD about the oppressive zionist regime destoying his birthplace?

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