Signs and Wonders is the second entry into the series, The Laodicea Chronicles.

Picking up just weeks following the end of Winds of Evil, Katherine Adamson finds herself in a race against time. Can she unravel the mystery of her aunt’s diary in time to stop the demonic clock set into motion by Amy Horine’s kidnapping? Can John Thundercloud’s journals shed light into the rising darkness surrounding Eden, Indiana? And what is real estate agent Rhonda Coleman hiding?

Prepare yourself for a non-stop, heart pounding ride as Katy, Josh, Pastor Jones, and Thundercloud lead a group of Eden’s faithful against Satan’s plans for a genetic Armageddon.

Buy Signs and Wonders–Book Two of The Laodicea Chronicles

Buy Winds of Evil–Book One of the Laodicea Chronicles


  1. I’ve been looking for the book Signs and Wonders- Book 2 of the Laodicea Chronicles. I went back to the store i purchased Winds of Evil and they don’t have ot and can not order it.
    Is there a reason they can not order it? I would rather buy from a store than online.

    Thank you


  2. Author

    Hi Lori! Thanks for asking about Signs and Wonders. Winds of Evil was published by Whitaker House, but the company chose not to continue the series despite good sales. My husband and I self-published Signs and Wonders, which is why it is only available at or at Soon, we hope to make it available for special order in all bookstores.


  3. I was wondering the same thing! I finished Winds of Evil yesterday (which was absolutely amazing!) but when I went to look for book 2, I couldn’t find it anywhere! I desperately want to read Signs and Wonders, but the price on Amazon and Lulu is a bit more than I wanted to pay! Only 16, I don’t have a job! I guess I’ll have to wait until I can find it somewhere in a used bookstore!

  4. I myself went to the bookstore to get the continuation but was told it is discountinued. I wanted to pull my hair out. what a bummer

  5. Hi, I have just spent hours including Amazon to order the 2nd book in the Laodecia series. I am anxious to finish it. Can I buy it through you? God bless!Crystal Adkins

  6. Hi Crystal!

    Thanks for asking how to buy Signs and Wonders! You can either click the link in the above article to buy it from us (shipping is more, sorry, we can’t control that), or you can go to the link below to buy it from Amazon (shipping is better):

    I’ve been struggling with major health issues (I’ll be writing about the details on this blog soon) that make it difficult for me to write, so the third book (Doctrines of Demons) is still in the final process. Thanks and God bless,


  7. Sorry to here about your health problems. We’ll pray for you. Just a question. Will there be more books on The Countdown?

    God bless and thank you

  8. Hi Sharon. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed Winds of Evil and Signs and Wonders (got that one from the library). I am so looking forward to Doctrines of Demons. You have a gift and I certainly appreciate you sharing it with us. I am sorry to hear of your health issues. I pray the Lord will sustain you and give you peace, strength and courage as you go through these struggles. Have a blessed weekend. Cindy L.

  9. hi i own a christian bookstore in fort dodge ia we carried your first book and i have had customers ask about book two. Do you sell directly to bookstores?

  10. I’m blazing through the 2nd book my husband bought for me on Amazon, perhaps I should have him order book #3 NOW! It is a very good read Sharon!!!

  11. Read the first book, Winds of Evil and when I got to the end I raced out to the shops to try and find Signs and Wonders and cannot find it anywhere.
    Will definently be ordering it as I really enjoyed the first one.

  12. Dear Sharon, I just found your website and find it very interesting. I’ve read several books years ago on demons and I’ve found your ” DOCTRINE OF DEMONS” to be above par of those other books.It’s so refreashing and inspiring to find a female christain writer not afraid to touch this subject. I can’t wait to finish your book.Thank-you for this gift. May God bless you and keep you. Love In Christ, Lisa

  13. Hi, I was wondering do you knw how I kan get the 2nd book as can’t find it in any shops & tried the amazon site in the info in yr above replies but I’m in England so it won’t let me order & it’s not on the uk site… Thanx

  14. I really want to find the third book please!!! How can I get it? Doctrines of demons??

    1. Author

      Hi, Alice (Derek here): Sharon will need to write it! She’s been focused on The Redwing Saga for the last few years, but there may be a return to The Laodicea Chronicles coming soon.

      1. Sharon (you are my favorite author) and I hope that you will write Doctrines of Demons because I really enjoyed the first and second books in The Laodicea Chronicles. God bless you with excellent health and great joy, Jeri Porhola 2/17/2024

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