Katherine Adamson hadn’t expected to find her hometown infested with demons.

Following the sudden death of her aunt, Celeste Adamson, Katy returns to Eden, and finds the town in an uproar. Two well-loved, high school teens have disappeared, leaving only a running car and a bloody shoe. Strange lights have appeared over a local farm, leaving behind blackened circles. Eden County Hospital is reporting record births, incredibly large babies, destined to join the ranks of a growing number of giants.

Many of the town’s prosperous citizens have been shielding evil secrets, but their illicit behavior has been discovered by the mysterious Dr. Apollo Bell, who heads up Mt. Hermon Institute. All of Eden has become a war camp, and citizens are being forced to take sides in an eternal battle. Had Katherine’s aunt played a part in this battle? Was Celeste Adamson a sacrifice to the bloodlust of these demonic beings? And what does the enigmatic John Thundercloud know? Why does the old Winnebago Indian write line after line in what has become an entire library of diaries? What obsession drives him? And how is local pastor, Enoch Jones, involved?

Joshua Carpenter might have some of the answers, although he doesn’t yet realize it. As publishing editor of Eden’s faltering newspaper, The Eden Chronicle, Josh joins forces with Katy, and a romance that they’d begun years before at Eden College, rekindles as the couple seeks out the truth in a labyrinth of mysteries and danger.

Katherine Adamson thinks she has returned to Indiana to settle her aunt’s estate, but she will soon learn she has been purposefully drawn into a battle of the ages. While she hopes to find an idyllic world where she can rediscover herself, what she discovers instead is a nest of spiritual vipers whose dual purpose is to corrupt the humans of the picturesque river town and force God into a showdown with their genetically perfect Man of Sin.

Product Details
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Whitaker House (February 1, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0883688093
ISBN-13: 978-0883688090
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  1. I read this book and enjoyed it thoroughly. I’ve been waiting ever since for the sequel, Signs & Wonders. Has it been published yet, did I miss it, are you still working on it, or did you decide against it? Thanks!

  2. Love the book, very well written. Is the next in the series, “Signs and Wonders” published and for sale?

  3. I have read the book and would like to read the sequel can you give me information about it please

  4. I read the book and enjoyed it very much did I miss the book of Signs and Wonders

  5. Where is the sequel of Winds of Evil would like to continue the story.

  6. Dear Sharon,
    I picked up the Armageddon Strain in a used bookstore – didn’t even know you existed before this! What are the names of the books that is in this sequel and are they still available?


    A new fan from TX

  7. Looking for the sequel to Signs and Wonders. Where can I find it.

  8. are there any plans to publish nine: Darkness and Doctrines of Demons I have seen no recent response by you on the subject of the plans on these books. It would be unfair to leave us hanging after the way they ended

  9. If you haven’t read Winds of Evil, what are you waiting for? Easy to read; makes you think about what’s really going on in our world. I know it led me to pray. I enjoyed the book a lot!

  10. When is book 2 coming out of Winds of evil?

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