G20 Chaos: Military making arrests in Pittsburgh?

UPDATE: I just watched a video that makes it clear that camo-clad guardsmen are present in Pittsburgh. You can view that video here.

250909topThis photo has appeared at several websites, and it clearly shows the arrested man on the ground and the civilian car in the background. Odd that the camo men look so ‘casual’. Are these guardsmen (no helmut or insignia), or are they perhaps Wackenhut?

Original post:

WARNING: Strong language — The video below shows men in military camo uniforms ‘arresting’ a G20 protester and forcing the man into a civilian vehicle.


  1. I’m former military-9 years army engineer. They were not wearing their uniforms in the military manner. We would have different groups train with us to learn engineering/sapper skills….anyone can put on a uniform not everyone is military

  2. Author

    Thanks, Kevin for the insider input. Is it possible the local police (in the photo) assume these guys are military or paramilitary?

  3. Author

    By the way, Kevin, thank you for your service to our country and to all of us!

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