GOP Not Allowed to Say ‘Government-Run Healthcare’

Since when does the Franking Commission get to censor what representatives get to say?  When House Republicans wanted to hold a ‘town hall’ meeting via telephone, the Franking Commission required that they submit the language of their ‘phone announcement’ before proceeding:

“What we proposed as language was as follows, ‘House Democrats unveiled a government-run health care plan,’” Carter said.  “Our response from Franking was, ‘You cannot use that language.  You must use, ‘The House majority unveiled a public option health care plan,’ which is Pelosi-speak or ‘just last week the House majority unveiled a health care plan which I believe will cost taxpayers…’”

via GOP Not Allowed to Say ‘Government-Run Healthcare” – HUMAN EVENTS .


  1. Wow… I guess I’m really not all that surprised, but this does speak volumes about how things really work in Washington DC. I guess this is another example of “the change we need”.

  2. Author

    We shall not all SLEEP, but we shall all be CHANGED…. puts a whole new spin on Paul’s words, eh?

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