Novel Conjunction: ‘Winds of Evil’ meets ‘Armageddon Strain’ in the Gulf of Mexico

Craig Venter’s synthetic mycoplasm, ‘Synthia’ (shown above) or some other manmade microorganism may be lurking in the Gulf of Mexico waters.


SEVEN years ago to the day, Hurricane Katrina reached Category 3 status in the Gulf of Mexico. The eyewall began to strengthen, and the storm’s track moved ever closer to New Orleans. The shocking images of the hurricane’s landfall and subsequent storm surge played out before the eyes of the world thanks to on site reporters like Fox News anchor, Shepard Smith. Who of us will ever forget the images of terrified victims running from armed ‘looters’ or terrified homeowners rousted from their meager shacks at the point of a gun by US troops?

Seven years. A very Biblical number. In scripture, seven is the number of completion. The number ‘seven’ occurs 463 times in the King James translation of the Holy Bible. Seven is a cardinal number; it is also a prime number. Though the number seven may have no significance beyond an intriguing coincidence (note: I do not take any ‘coincidence’ lightly), it is certainly worth mentioning.

This morning’s news reports are filled with predictions and warnings about a descendant of Katrina–a storm called ‘Isaac’. In the Bible, Isaac was the promised, biological child of Abraham in his old age. It is Isaac who nearly died as a sacrifice, killed by his own loving father. Instead, God provided the sacrifice (just as Abraham had suspected all along) in the form of a ram caught in a thicket. That ram foreshadowed the Lamb of God’s sacrifice on Calvary.

Seven and a Lamb. Potent images that prophecy scholars cannot dismiss out of hand. So it is that I’ve been snooping around the internet for anything amiss or odd about this coming storm. First of all, Tropical Storm Isaac is showing definite signs of organization and growing intensity. I’m embedding below an excellent video that explains these changes:

Another player in this week’s scenario is HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program). Note the intense activity of the array this week as illustrated at this website. (I’m honestly not sure how much HAARP actually participates in weather modification, but there are dedicated researchers who do believe it, so I include this for discussion and in the interest of being thorough).

The third interesting component in what could become a dreadful scenario began with the accident aboard the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform on May 24, 2010.

File:Deepwater Horizon oil spill - May 24, 2010 - with locator.jpg
Satellite image of the oilspill caused by the Deepwater Horizon accident in May, 2010. (Image from Wikimedia Commons)

Following the deadly explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon (11 men died, and 17 more were injured), the wellhead blew out releasing oil and methane into the gulf waters. By the time the wellhead had been capped (July 15, 2010), an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil had polluted the area. Various clean-up chemical mixtures were applied during the early weeks, but the definitive answer to the problem came in the form of the world’s first man-made bacterium–a creature called Synthia.  See also:

Though I cannot find a MSM source to confirm it, the internet is abuzz with claims that Synthia (also known as mycoplasma laboratorium) might be munching away at the organic entities contained within the gulf oil spill. Some researchers contend that Synthia has mutated by sharing genes with native bacteria producing something called ‘blue plague’.

Symptoms include swollen glands, notably in the neck, fever, vomiting, headache, bluish lip color, numbness in fingers and toes. The most alarming symptom being reported is “severe symptomatic cyanosis.” This is the entire body turning blue, a discoloration of the skin. 

Isaac will be the first major storm in the gulf since the oil spill. If indeed Venter’s  Synthia bacteria have been circulating in the area, perhaps mixing with Corexit chemicals and other biological lifeforms (using gene transfer, a common event between bacteria), then there could be a horrifying and deadly event brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Consider also the following tidbit to be found toward the end of the well-written article at World Vision Portal:

On October 7, 2010, Synthetic Genomics Inc. [the BP equity investment company] and JCVI announced the formation of a new company, Synthetic Genomics Vaccines Inc. (SGVI). The privately held company will focus on developing next generation vaccines using JCVI’s genomic sequencing and synthetic genomic expertise, coupled with the intellectual property and business acumen of Synthetic Genomics Inc., to significantly advance and enhance vaccine development. (15)

How amazing that the BP/Synthetic Genomics alliance now has its own vaccine company for patented immunizations. But at what cost to humanity? It’s very profitable to not only create synthetic bacteria but to also offer a vaccine in case there are any problems. When you create the bacteria and control its DNA, you also know how to shut it down. Surely, BP is far Beyond Petroleum.

Why does this matter? If a synthetic, watermarked bacterium were to cause a pandemic called ‘Blue Flu’ or some other name, then it would prove financially beneficial to have on hand the ‘answer’ in the form of a synthetically-derived vaccine. Perhaps, Venter’s motives are altruistic. We’ll see.

At this very moment, a synthetic biodegrader  (some say it’s Synthia, but it’s more likely to be another synthetically formed microorganism) may actually be thriving in the nutrient rich environs of the Gulf of Mexico. It may have mutated. It may also be responsible for the so-called ‘Blue Flu’.

And it might just ‘ride the winds’ of Isaac, as the first gulf hurricane since 2010 blows across the warm ocean currents of the site where the Deepwater Horizon exploded. If it does, then the ‘blue flu’ could–theoretically–be blow all over the central and eastern United States, up into Europe and then into other parts of the world.

It’s been seven years since Katrina. Is there a sense of ‘coming full circle’? A sense of completion? Certainly, the number seven is a jarring reminder of the book of Revelation with its ‘Seven Seals’, ‘Seven Trumpets’, and ‘Seven Bowls’.

What do you get when you cross my ‘fictional’ novels Winds of Evil and Armageddon Strain? Perhaps, we may be poised to find out.


Other tidbits to ponder:

The Blue Death by Jim Dufffy (an essay that explores the 1918 Flu Pandemic), published by the Johns Hopkins Public Health Journal – Fall 2004 (I recommend this for two reasons: 1) to provide a background for those not familiar with a true pandemic and how it affects the world, and 2) because one hallmark of a subset of those who suffered from this virulent form of H1N1 is cyanosis, similar to that reported in the ‘Blue Plague’ mentioned above).

Creating New Life: The Ultimate Engineering Challenge (

TED Talk with Craig Venter: On the Verge of Creating Synthetic Life (

TED Talks: Craig Venter Unveils ‘Synthetic Life’ (

Deepwater Horizon: What Happened and Why (

Daytime footage of Deepwater Horizon Fire (

Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ looks at the BP Oil Disaster (





  1. Very interesting article, thanks for sharing.

  2. Nope. The sickness was caused by Evergreen Air spraying chemicals to bust up the oil. The germs that eat it are ok.

  3. “Have you had your flu shot yet?” This is the mantra you are hearing and seeing in and around pharmacies right now. Pharmacists are being pressured to become “immunizers”. A pharmacist refusing to become an immunizer by becoming “certified” probably will lose their job or will not find themselves being hired. The healthcare industry and vaccine makers are brainwashing people to believe that if they do not get a flu shot they are endangering their fellow citizens. I don’t know about you folks but the last time I acquired the flu back in the nineties I was in bed for a week and out of work for 10 days. No one caught the flue from me! People will line up for their “mark” the same way they line up for their flu shots folks. It will change their DNA guaranteeing there fate as a lost soul/”beast”, but they will not catch the latest flu bug or plague. As a matter of fact we see in Revelation that the earth dwellers wanted to die because of the wrath of God but would not die. Curious that Isaac means “laughed” as in Psalm 2. Blesings to you all and reread Psalm 91…The Lord is our protector!

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