XNAs touted as road to synthetic life and more

]O]h, the hubris of mankind! To think that some scientists genuinely believe that they can improve upon God’s design just boggles the mind. Philipp Holliger and his team in Cambridge (UK) claim to have one-upped God Himself by creating a better nucleic acid.

XNAs have been around for several decades (the X implies that the nucleic acid is built on the backbone of something other than deoxyribose or ribose). These monstrous molecules are being touted as the secret to longer life and better life, but they may just be another way to destroy human life–period.

The delicate balance of God’s cellular world is far more complex than most might believe, and it is foolish to think mankind can ‘self-improve’ — that there is ‘better living through chemistry’ to quote an old ad slogan. This is just a branch of the old eugenics tree, and an RNA-destroying XNA construct may prove to be just another means to make sure only certain genomes continue to thrive.


God will not be mocked, and I can only pray that Christ returns before XNAs make it into mainstream ‘medicine’.


Read the latest report on Holliger’s work via Synthetic enzymes hint at life without DNA or RNA – life – 01 December 2014 – New Scientist.