Flu Vaccine Death Count in Italy Rises to 13

[A]ccording to an article at The Australian this morning, Italy has now banned further use of the seasonal flu vaccine FLUAD pending further investigation into the cause of death in thirteen patients.

FLUAD contains an adjuvant called MF59, which is made by Novartis and is based on our old friend squalene. As to whether or not the deaths are attributable to squalene or a ‘bad batch’ of product is unknown, but human bodies do not react well to oil-based ‘adjuvants’. The addition of these ‘adjuvants’ is done–we’re told–to improve immune response, but it’s really done to provide an almost instant response (to the adjuvant), which theoretically helps the body to develop a quick immunity to the flu virus itself. Also, adjuvants allow manufacturers to use less of the actual virus (in this case two flu viruses), which saves time and money.

Read about the deaths in Italy via Italy says 13 Novartis flu vaccine deaths | The Australian.