Sam the ‘Bird Dog’

Sam&theSparrowPoor  Sammy–he was just doing what ‘comes naturally’. After a major storm passed through our area, I let Sam out and decided to take a couple of pictures with my cell phone while he ‘took care of business’.

Assuming, Sam was merely scoping out a spot near our silver maple, I didn’t see the tiny bird until he had already begun to chase it.  The bird may have been injured or just learning to fly (it looked young), but Sam easily caught it.

If you know anything about dachshunds, then you know that anything on the ground is ‘fair game’, and once in the mouth, it’s ‘lunch’. Praise the Lord, he listened (finally) and dropped the bird on our back steps. Now, he’s sleeping on the couch next to me, dreaming of the one that got away.

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  1. I love this but poor birdie. Lucy did this one time when she was little. A bird landed on our fence and when Lucy jump againest the fence to bark at it the poor bird fell off and scoop she had it. I felt bad when I kind of yelled to have her drop it but the poor bird was already a goner. But we have to love these beautiful four legged creatures.

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