Banned From Church; Shunning Makes a Comeback


January 21, 2008 (WSJ) — On a quiet Sunday morning in June, as worshippers settled into the pews at Allen Baptist Church in southwestern Michigan, Pastor Jason Burrick grabbed his cellphone and dialed 911. When a dispatcher answered, the preacher said a former congregant was in the sanctuary. “And we need to, um, have her out A.S.A.P.”

IT’S OPEN SEASON on ‘Protestant Evangelical’ churches. Sadly, this article is not unusual in its tone or subtext. ‘News items’ of this sort paint fundamental pastors and congregations as petty and cruel hate-mongers.

Within any denomination, a few self-serving pastors or church leaders may overstep Biblical authority; however, most do not. You’re not likely to read about those loving, loyal servants in the WSJ journal though. Those who preach the Bible and Christ crucified are quickly becoming pariahs in a land of ‘seeker friendly’, ‘man-centered’ churches.

This past weekend, Crystal Cathedral in LA hosted a ‘Rethink Conference’. Rethinking God and the Bible is a dangerous road. Dominionism and the ’emerging church’ movement have infiltrated all too many congregations, spreading the heresy that mankind must first ‘set up’ Christ’s kingdom before Jesus will return; that it is up to humans to cleanse the world of sin.

Jesus Christ defeated sin at the cross. He will return very soon to proclaim that victory, and HE will set up the kingdom. Until then, it is the duty of the Body of Christ to preach the gospel (what good is it to gain the world but lose one’s soul?)

We cannot vote or ‘rethink’ God’s kingdom into being. We CAN tell the world about Christ’s gift of eternal life — and that the world’s time is running out before that open invitation ends.

‘Behold I come quickly’, our Lord tells us. Those who have watered down His message of salvation will have a lot of explaining to do. — Sharon


  1. hi, well this is all rather COOL! i would love to come on the show and help spread the truth that does matter. i’ve been called to be the final witness by the Lord. he’s had me growing up away from his true church, yet he tells me this is the way it must be to get me ready. i’ve lead an interesting life, growing up i went from biological family when i was 11 to fostercare and at 15 i was adopted by an airforce lt.col. and his wife, and then kicked out and just flowing by the wind i would say since then. i have been in through contact with the spiritual world since i was very very young. and myself fell away to please my non believing adopted parents (unuseful search for parents physically there). and came full into a steady path i am on now, my faith is rock solid. i know who and why i am. i had enough questions myself of why a 21 year old for such a task. well no one else is going to take my steps in life and this is where i am. march 21st is the opening of the 7th seal, i know this cause i have known my life countdown since 1335 days are left. i know more but i know that no matter if i say it all most still wont believe me. the most important message i am here to spread is the message of LOVE. love is the only thing that will save. until the person excepts the truth for what it is, believes every word of the bible as being truth and what mr. weinland has produced as truth, and mr.armstrong. i’ve heard people saying well mr.weinland, and armstrong, their ways are not in the same path, some feel mr. weinlands message contradicts mr. armstrongs. no it doesnt, that is a way of misleading and to be honest, they both leave open perfectly what it is i am here to say. but most wont want to believe. even as i sit here borrowing my long lost brothers computer, most of my family minus one or two are talking about signing me into a mental clinic. its funny what people will do to avoid hearing the truth, even when forgivness is part of the deal.

  2. Author

    Just a reminder that comments to my blog don’t necessarily reflect my personal beliefs.

    Jesus Christ is the only means by which we can be saved. God does love us, but He is also just, which means we as sinners deserve death outside of Christ’s redeeming act at Calvary.

    As to the seals — no one knows the date or the hour when it all begins, but we have clues. The first four seals might already have been broken — if so, the Fifth is next.

    Personally, I am following the command to ‘watch’ — lamp in hand — for the coming of the Bridegroom. Maranatha!

    We’ll see what happens on March 21st.

    Thanks for posting, Katii.

  3. >>i have been in through contact with the spiritual world since i was very very young. <>march 21st is the opening of the 7th seal, <>my family minus one or two are talking about signing me into a mental clinic. <<

    **BZZZZZT!** Wrong. You are hereby proven to be a false prophet. You have also blown any chance you might have had for being taken even remotely seriously in the future.

    So, I guess you weren't in "contact with the spiritual world" all those years after all, humm? What were you thinking?! Did you actually believe that, or just think we were that stupid?

    Hope you are getting well in the clinic…

  4. And this article in regards to shunning depicts the very reason believers are leaving the church with Christ’s leading. Apostate all the way through….

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