John and Jeb?


Mar 5, 2008

SO I’M sitting here watching CNN’s coverage of W’s endorsement of John McCain for president. While not surprising, I can’t help considering backroom deals that might have taken place over the past few months that led these two political enemies to all but hold hands in the White House Rose Garden.

Last year, it looked like McCain’s run for the top spot had little hope and even less money. Mitt Romney’s traction and a mid-summer tease by Fred Thompson hogged most of the 24/7 news cycle, leaving McCain looking like an ‘also-ran’. Then Romney pulled out of the race. Sure, Huckabee stayed in to deflect any early mudslinging (thanks, NY Times) and to allow McCain to unfurl that very interesting ‘1191’ banner last night. (Did anyone else notice that the banner actually reveals the European dating of an ominous occasion – 11/9/1 — in other words, it’s code for September 11, 2001?)

Bush, Sr. came out for McCain first, and W. demurred until that magic 1191 number appeared, cementing Mac as the Bush third term man. Which brings us to Shrub — Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida (a state complicit in electing W in 2000), is a name that might soon be bandied about by pundits as a possible ‘No. 2’.

Jeb is perfect for such a position. First of all, he appeals to the party’s conservative right (recall that Jeb fought for Terry Schiavo). Secondly, Jeb’s wife, Columba Garnica Gallo Bush, was born in Mexico. And she is Catholic — as is Jeb, having converted at his wife’s request (Jeb is also a Knight of Columbus and has received at least one award from the Knights of Malta. For those keeping track of the ‘numbers’, that award is dated March 11, 2006 – 3/11 – aka ’33’ – with a ‘hidden’ 13/13). Third, his brother Neil has an ‘in’ with Washington Times owner and head of the Unification Church — Congressional pick for Messiah, Sun Myung Moon.

So, what do you think? John and Jeb in 2008? Considering McCain’s age, any VP could find himself (or herself) sitting in the oval office either temporarily or permanently. Then there’s George Prescott Bush, Jeb’s eldest son. He’s handsome, half Mexican, a lawyer, and he’s now in the Naval Reserves.

Who says America can’t have a royal family, huh?

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  1. This is the kind of stuff that causes nightmares only we are awake.

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