Olympic Tower of Memory or Babel Revisited?

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August 25, 2008

SOMETIMES television inspires; sometimes it disgusts; sometimes it teaches. Last night’s NBC airing of the Chinese Olympics’ Closing Ceremonies managed to do all the above plus more: it programmed and revealed.

If you missed it, I’m betting YouTube will soon have it. Possibly, NBC will run highlights, hoping for continued advertising revenues. But if you were there last night, comfy on your couch, then you may have had the same reaction Derek and I had at the ‘in-your-face’ symbolism called ‘The Memory Tower’.

As with the imagery in Greece back in 2004, China’s pageantry captivated the imagination, and implanted pagan ideas. Greece showed us Mercury bringing fire to humanity, ironically repeated in August on the very night of China’s opening ceremony (08-08-08 — the triple ‘888’ is Christ’s number — read ‘AntiChrist’ or ‘False Christ’ here) when Russia and Georgia opened fire in the Caucasus, the very region where Prometheus (Mercury) delivered his fiery gift.

Kircher’s Babel – Click for larger version

China’s fire theme began with the Torch Relay that bore the symbol of the Phoenix (aka the Firebird, the Eagle of Lagash, and is emblazoned on Russia’s flags — two headed Eagle). This Promethean Relay tracked the longest route ever taken for the Flame since the tradition was re-ignited by Hitler in 1936.

On 08-08-08, the fire of the gods entered the ‘Bird’s Nest’ (Phoenix Nest), where the fire settled on top of a massive cauldron which looked remarkably like the Torch held by the Statue of Liberty (China owns most of the US economy, and George Bush sat next to Putin during the opening ceremonies). One might even see phallic symbolism in the massive torch, another sign of impending birth (or in the case of the Phoenix – rebirth).

Remember that movie, The Number 23? 23 is supposed to be a cosmic trigger. Take special note that ‘W’ is the 23rd letter in the English alphabet. Well, on August 23rd, this flame, atop a torch not unlike Liberty’s (Liberty is aka Columba or Diana — Princess Diana was killed in August) was extinguished only to be re-ignited in the hearts and memories (Jungian idea of ‘race memory’) of humanity. We all remember how Princess Diana asked to be remembered? She wanted to become the Queen of Hearts, and she is revered now by some as Queen of Heaven (Semiramis, mother of the Sun King).

Notice how the ‘Memory Tower’ of the Closing Ceremonies strongly resembles Athanasius Kircher’s Tower of Babel painting. If you missed the ceremonies, this Memory Tower shows the hopes of athletes and the world as we anticipate the 2012 Games in London, home of the Illuminati Elite.

Surely it is not coincidence that this ‘burning tower’, indicative of a rising Phoenix and a Gateway to Heaven, point to the very year when the sun will rise out of the mouth of the Dragon (Leviathan)? Is someone or something signalling a return of the Sun (Son)? Hint: William turns 30 in June 2012, on the Summer Solstice. Christ began His ministry at age 30.

Will 2012 see a return to one-world thinking and of the Once and Future King, Arthur Pendragon (William’s second name is Arthur, so he could call himself King Arthur)? If 2012 marks the end of The Age (precessional reset — Mayan year, then the entire world might be set ablaze, metaphorically or perhaps even literally. Either way, dear friends, the clock is ticking. It is now 1,432 days until London’s Opening Ceremonies commence. And the Lord God Jehovah watches as each of us chooses sides.

Which side will you choose? As for our house, we choose to serve the Lord — Christ Jesus.


  1. In honor of your, “Aahhh”, responses to interesting facts from guests on your podcasts, let me share an interesting fact that I came across today. In the above article, you wrote about observations regarding the number 23. Well, to have a quorum in the Sanhedrin, there must be 23 members present. I’m not sure if it even is a dot to connect, but the number sure jumped out at me when I saw it.

  2. They also started the Opening Ceremony at 8:00 PM.

    8 x 4 = 32

  3. St. George patron saint of free-masons. 8 metals for Phelps, last one on 8-16, 16 double 8. Is it possible that A.D.D. is a man-made illness&

  4. I did not know that about Princess Diana–Queen of Hearts/Heaven, huh? Also, years ago, I found a website on which Biblical Numerology was outlined, and the #23, it was said, signified ‘death’–I have yet to relocate that website, and it’s the only one on which I saw #23 described that way–however, it fits in with ‘their’ ‘phoenix’ bird dying–then, rising from it’s own ashes, which I’m sure I finally figured out is represented by the #24–24 hours in a day–and, remember the tv show “24”?
    So far, I’ve managed to miss watching each and every single tv show that’s contained ‘clues’ from the ‘elitists’, as to their sinful, lofty plans–and, I never saw one episode of “24”, either! However, as was said in this quote I came across on another website, which is echoed in the Scottish saying concerning the ‘best laid plans’ of mice and men: “The future is inevitable and precise, but it may not occur. [Because]God lurks in the gaps.”[Jorge Luis Borges] LOL–ain’t it the truth, though?[thanks be to God Almighty, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ–amen!] [also–last night, Hillary wore an Or’Ange colored pantsuit–Orange means, in French–“Gold Angel”–and, seems to be a favorite color among those ‘elitists’ ‘in the know’–she was speaking to someone[s] by wearing that color, IMO]

  5. The Gilberts are to be commended for their work, but it is so incredibly naive to actually sit in front of a TV set and watch any of this occultic material, or even commercials for Tide. The subliminal mind control technology is too advanced now. So all of you are being led down ‘the Garden Path’. While you are supposedly studying the latest abominations, you are being programmed to cooperate. Watching Todd Bentley videos for 10 min. on YouTube has resulted in demonic oppression. Stop looking for churches, stop looking for information, and wait for the Lord’s Return in humility, calmness, charity for those who are suffering, prayer without ceasing, and total faith… Read the Book of Micah, please. It is also time to completely get off the Internet. It is also being used as a weapon against you. Are your ears itching for more knowledge, and more understanding? Repent of that, as well as everything else.

  6. Ahhh…. now the bird nest makes sense- the Pheonix. (can’t believe I missed that) Also, the nest symbolizes new birth and is in the shape of the womb- tying it in with the grail.

    …. and Rev. Thomson, these are the last days- be not afraid- Jesus Christ the Messiah will be with you to guide you and protect you. Ignorance is neither bliss nor blessed. Seek Him to make sure your fight is not against the people of God, for we are all His body. We all offer our different gifts to God and, through Him, to others. Just pray about it, that’s all I’m saying.

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