PID Radio, Beards for Charity, and a Need to Get Back to Writing

Derek talks with a remarkable young man who survived what could have been a devastating birth defect.

September 30, 2007

IT’S BEEN an exhausting summer, and fall brings more then just a cessation of long days and sweltering heat; it brings a return to a beloved project, PID Radio. Derek and I began blathering in our basement way back in 2005 — nearly a year and a half ago. For most of that time, we produced weekly programs that led us along podcasting paths many feared to tread. We loved it. However, early sumer brought a horrible series of trials (long story that we’ll tell some day), and we soon made the painful decision to hang up the headphones — temporarily.

All that ends tonight (September 30), when we clamp on those headphones and set phaser to ‘blather’ once again. We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are.

The photo included with this article was taken on Wednesday of this past week (September 26, 2007) during the first of a 3-Day Radiothon for Missouri University’s Children’s Hospital. As web content manager for Zimmer Radio Group, I spent most of those three days uploading video, snapping pictures, and joining Derek on the air between 4-6 (during his program ‘The Drive’). What an amazing and energy-sapping three days! Derek’s still decompressing, and I could sleep for weeks. If we sound weary tonight, that’s why — but I suspect our return to PID will keep us energized aplenty.

By the way, the ‘beard for charity’ mention in the headline happened on the last day of the radiothon. Derek had challenged listeners to make large one-time only donations — the charity won, the beard lost. You can see the Video of Derek’s Close Shave at PID Radio.

Finally, as expressed in the title of this post, I need to stretch my writing muscles again. I had intended to have a complete manuscript for Doctrines of Demons by now, but all schedules changed when I took the job with Zimmer. I’m praying God will show me a way to return to the world of Eden, Indiana very soon.