Bye Bye Miss American Pie — Hello Bread Lines


A weakening US Dollar reveals the slowing heartbeat of the American ‘dream’

October 16, 2007

Pardon me while I shift into ‘rant’ mode

WHAT SYMPTOMS preceded the fall of Rome? Moral decadence — surely. Politcal hegemony — you bet. Military disasters — arguably, yes. (The Roman military stretched thinly across multiple theaters to protect claimed agricultural and trade lands — sound familiar?).

This morning, as I perused the overnight news coverage, several threads began to connect, and soon I found myself staring at a nasty little web of deceit. This time, however, our faithful reporter ‘Charlotte’ had not spelled out ‘Some Pig’ but ‘Some Big Lie’. If you’ve not yet seen the message, let me help ‘Charlotte’ spell it out for you.

Since 2002, George Bush and his RINO (Republican in Name Only) pack have been schmoozing the American people with slick words and smooth promises of a bright economy. Balderdash. The dollar has taken a massive vertical header since 2002 that would make a even a seasoned cliff diver cringe.

Dollar Dives
Graphic McClatchy News – read today’s article

This morning, as President Bush entertains the Dalai Lama (don’t even get me started on that can of worms — why would Bush bestow the Medal of Honor on the DL? Sheesh!), China stews over the diplomatic face slap (China and the DL disagree over who owns Tibet — long story). Right now, China is just about the only bit of glue holding the tattered dollar together. If China sells dollars, we’re goners.

Don’t think it won’t happen. Many Americans will go about their business this week, unaware that the G7 meeting on Friday will likely put some ‘bandaid’ on the problem, if they address it at all. Some economists are calling for a major overhaul — perhaps even replacing the tattered dollar with a shiny new, regional currency.

Can you say Amero? If you are one of those who believe NAFTA is just a friendly wave toward our neighbors, think again. Our globe is shrinking into ten regions that will soon boast ‘ten kings’ — all loyal to the World Ruler, AntiChrist. And it won’t matter which ‘side’ wins in the 2008 elections. The person in the oval office doesn’t ‘pull the strings’.

Today’s trade agreements are the sinister skeleton of a very real world government that exists NOW — and it’s waiting for the big reveal. US companies know this, and they’re leaving the US Ship of Doom like so many drunken rats.

So — take a look at that greenback in your pocket. Does George Washington look a bit weary? He should. If the dollar continues on its present slide, poor old GW will need a dozen buddies just to buy a loaf of bread.

Stock up now, folks. It could be a long winter.

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  1. Right on Sharon.
    Like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
    You can see what’s coming but you can’t do anything about it…… except maybe warn others.

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