Goodbye Indian Mounds, Hello Sam’s Club

Haven’t these people seen Poltergeist? For goodness’ sake, even if you’re so unfeeling that you don’t care whether or not you’re desecrating an ancient burial site, consider how it’s going to make shoppers feel when stuff literally starts flying off shelves!  Bad idea, Oxford. Very bad idea.

OXFORD, Ala. (AP)—A stone mound on a hill behind the Oxford Exchange created by American Indians 1,500 years ago will soon disappear.

And whether Oxford’s taxpayers wanted it or not, they paid for its destruction.

Workers hired by the city’s Commercial Development Authority (CDA) are using the dirt from the hill as fill for a new Sam’s Club. The project has angered American Indians who, along with a Jacksonville State University archaeology professor, say the site could contain human remains.

via Goodbye Indian Mounds, Hello Sam’s Club | Reznet News.