Testing begins on experimental flu vaccine for children

H1N1 Vaccine Trials are underway, and this morning, we get this report from the Baltimore Sun:

Hunter Sears [Volunteer #1, and the first to receive his ‘shot’ – note, he’s 13 years old – hmm…thirteen – SKG] was there because of his grandmother, Gladys Sears, who has worked at Annapolis Pediatrics for 46 years. In 1976, when there was a different swine flu outbreak, she got vaccinated. The next day, the government canceled the vaccination campaign, in part because it appeared to be making some people sick. That didn’t color her opinion of whether her grandson should enroll in the study.

“After years of working here, I don’t worry about things like that,” she said. “Some people have to be guinea pigs.” [This seems like an odd comment from a grandmother – ok, color me cynical, but I certainly wouldn’t volunteer any of my family, especially children, for a vaccine trial of any kind – SKG]

The children being tested in Maryland will receive vaccines at three sites: pediatric practices in Annapolis, Frederick and at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. They will get either 15 or 30 micrograms per shot and two doses spaced three weeks apart. Older children will have their blood drawn over five separate visits. For their trouble, the children will receive $40 Target gift cards at each visit – not a small carrot, several said. [Hey, this not only entices the little ones, but it also helps the economy! Wow, what a brilliant scheme — oops, I mean, plan! – SKG]

via Testing begins on experimental flu vaccine for children — baltimoresun.com.

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  1. Color? What exactly does that mean. Hunter is alive and well. He has not had any side effects. It is a vaccine that we all will need. Hunter has just received it first, This test is for the medical field to figure out the dosage amount for all ages young and old.
    An “odd comment coming from a Grandmother”, is a strange comment. Anyone who knows Gladys or Hunter knows there is not a Grandmother in this world who is more protective or stands up for her grandson then Gladys Sears.
    As for volunteering a family member, you can thank him and everyone else involved in this experiment so your family members will get the correct dosage.
    As for the $40.00 gift cards, they were supposed to be from Best Buy…now that would entice a thirteen year old. Even when he was told they were from Target he said he still wanted to be in the study and the Target cards would get his holiday shopping out of the way early. Hunter Sears keeps on giving. What a wonderful son, Hunter is to have and Gladys is a wonderful (ex) mother-in-law.

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