Horn and Putnam Have a Winner; Simply Put, “Petrus Romanus” is Stunning!

” alt=”” width=”260″ height=”403″ />Petrus Romanus is scheduled for an April, 2012 release.

It isn’t every day that I get to preview a book that pulls me in hook, line, and sinker, but Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here has done that and more.

My preview copy runs over 500  tantalizing pages, and each chapter has surprised me. Co-authors Cris Putnam and Tom Horn offer their readers an honest, balanced, and faithful examination of St. Malachy’s famous prophecy and the Catholic Church itself, or perhaps I should say ‘herself’. During their years’ of painstaking research and study, the authors have uncovered literary trails and discovered secret documents and hidden prophecies that rival the plot of a Dan Brown novel.

Unlike many of Brown’s books, Petrus Romanus is not a slapdash roll-out meant to take advantage of our plunge toward the world’s December 21, 2012 appointment, but rather it is a delicate dissection intended for scholarly scrutiny, and each chapter is filled with deep history and careful citations.

But don’t be alarmed. While scholars will dig deeply into each nook and cranny of the text and bibliography, you and I can easily access and appreciate the exciting history, biography, and prophecies surrounding the church that calls itself ‘universal’. More importantly, this book will help prepare all of us for the final phase of the great war between good and evil: Daniel’s 70th week.

As we enter into the final months and weeks of 2012, it is quite possible that the you and I will witness the ascendance of Malachy’s final pope. Has he already been chosen? Very possibly. Will he take the name of the man the church claims as her founding apostle–that of Peter, also known as Simon, called Cephas by Christ?

Read this book to prepare yourself, for soon, we will all know the truth. And when you’re finished–read it again.



  1. Thanks so much Sharon! If the Lord tarries, then we will see you in Branson in July! – Cris Putnam

    1. Author

      I’m the one who needs to thank you, Cris, for trusting me with the preview. The book should be on every prophecy student’s bookshelf. Yes, the conference in Branson this year should prove even more exciting than last year’s (something I would not have thought possible), but the lineup and the immediacy of the moment make a once-in-a-lifetime combination. See you there or in the air, brother!

  2. I have Rob’s DVDs on Mythology and the Coming Great Deception and The Mount Hermon Roswell Connection and appreciate the educated and non-hyperbole of your presentations. I just downloaded Babylon Rising and also just purchased Petros Romanus by Tom Horn, indeed, these are all cutting edge End Time study well worthy of our time as we near that great Day. Thanks Rob, I look forward to consuming your latest publication. May God Bless.In Christ, Calvin

  3. Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam obviously do not understand the Catholic religion or the Popes. Pope John Paul who is a saint, loved the Blessed Mother Mary as the Mother of Jesus — not as a goddess. That was an ignorant staatement saying he worshiped her. He worshiped the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit but love Mary, the Mother of God, because she was Jesus’ Mother, and you can always reach a person through their beloved Mother.
    I am reading your book to see just what else you think but I can already see you are off base on a lot of things. If you knew anything about Catholics you would know that we Love Mary but Jesus is the Son of God!
    To Jesus through Mary, Mary Jane Haley

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