Is a REAL Armageddon Strain brewing in Mexico?

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. — Revelation 6:8 — [NOTE: The Greek word translated ‘beasts’ is therion, a diminutive of thera (beast). Could these ‘little beasts’ refer to viruses, bacteria, and prions?]

Spanish Flu Poster

April 24, 2009

YOU CAN PRAY that it isn’t true, but stories coming out of Mexico and the southwestern US may be saying otherwise. According to World Health Organization (WHO) reports, over 800 people have fallen ill in Mexico. Of these 800, at least 60 are now dead; 57 in Mexico City alone.

The culprit is very possibly a recombinant H1N1 virus. According to a CDC report, the virus is “a unique combination of gene segments that previously has not been reported among swine or human influenza viruses in the United States or elsewhere.”

In other words, this is something new.

WHO reports that the majority of the Mexican cases occurred in healthy young adults, ages 25-44, featuring ‘atypical pneumonia’. I’m still trying to track down the specific symptoms that would lead to a description of ‘atypical pneumonia’, but the words are chilling. H1N1 is the same virus that struck during 1918-1919 and killed as many as 25 million people worldwide. Known as the ‘Spanish Flu’, that outbreak of H1N1 began as a result of recombination (mixing) of human, avian, and swine viruses. PIgs serve as wonderful mixing pots for new viral strains, because they can contract avian (bird) strains as well as infect humans. Most avian viruses do not infect humans directly, requiring an intermediate, such as pigs, to cause human illness.

Is this what’s going on in Mexico? If so, hang on to your hats, because San Diego County, California; Imperial County, California; and Guadalupe County, Texas are all reporting H1N1 infections–and the CDC identifies this ‘swine flu’ as a new combination of avian, swine, and human. All three of these counties lie near the border with Mexico.

If this is indeed a recombinant version of seasonal H1N1, then the gene segment that lends resistance to Tamiflu (H274Y – a segment which is now ‘fixed’) will also make this new strain resistant.

In my novel, The Armageddon Strain, a group of scientists intentionally unleash a recombinant flu virus into the American landscape. While this viral outbreak may not be ‘intentional’, it could certainly be catastrophic. A pandemic may well be lurking near the border. The pale horse is riding. Are you ready?


  1. Sharon I thought the Black Horse was the “Economic judgment”???? Which is indeed happening/riding…

  2. Author

    I responded to Steve on this privately (hope you got it!), but I also wanted to thank him publicly for giving me a nudge. As I told Steve, I shouldn’t write on low caffeine levels! The PALE Horse and Rider are the ones I intended to reference. It’s now fixed. Thanks again, Steve!

  3. Sharon,

    This sounds like a ReGenesis episode.
    ( notably season 1 episodes 6, 9, 10, 12 & 13)

    Let’s project a moment and say this takes off in Mexico, especially Mexico City.

    How long should people stay in their houses? How long will they?

    If several million contract this in Mexico, swamping all hospital and government resources, there would be massive refugee movement. Since the cases in the US are not fatal, it becomes a much more attractive place to evacuate to.

    Seems like the smart thing is to wear bandannas even if only to show solidarity.

    Better would be to keep the children out of school, take sick leave from work, and stay at home — all over the globe. Preventive sick leave, especially considering all those people that come to work even when they’re sick, may be wise.

    The real issue right now is that we really don’t know how many people are infected and undetected, or where. Except of course google snooping on searches and email.

    Ya’ gotta do a podcast of course. This is your area.

  4. Be interesting if this is from a Islamic group. Chlourus horse therion little virus

  5. It would be nice to know what to do for protection. I have never taken a flu shot. I just recovered from 8 days of sickness that was said to be strep. I know it was more than that. I have upper respiratory-massive infection in my neck–8 days of fever that reached 103-104-sever chills -diarrhea vomiting-exteme pain. I have had strep off and on and never had it like this. Do we wear masks–what do we take?

  6. Even if I were a fan of flu vaccines, this strain is reported to be brand new (a combo of avian, swine, and human with some unique genetic components), so it would not yet be preventable with any current vaccine. According to Henry Niman, this strain is very likely resistant to Tamilfu and other antivirals, so it could prove very difficult to treat. Plus, the Mexico infections report ‘atypical pneumonia’, which often means a concomitant bacterial infection. The best thing is prevention–don’t go into public gatherings unless you have to. Stay out of infected areas, and carry hand sanitizer with you AT ALL TIMES. A mask may prove helpful as well.

  7. There is only one thing I am aware of that has the ability to kill any virus or bacteria and this includes MRSA, and other deadly varieties and that is Colloidal Silver… use 4 times per day , if infected with any viral or bacterial infection, spray into mouth asnd spray into nose. Put on a cloth and wipe any touched surfacees frequently
    Never travel without it! one teaspoon daily and more if infected.

  8. I’m sorry, but I’m even more paranoid than the rest of you. I think that this is a smoke screen for BO to use his power to further corral uncooperative Americans. Look at the statistics folks! If this was 80 to 90% lethal, then yes, it would be something really bad. But you are looking at 0.005% death rate. The Asian flu was much, much worse!

  9. No Susan, you’re not paranoid. When someone admits that they are a coldblooded killer of children in the womb and when that person openly endorses all of the U.N.World population control measures to include destroying the sovereignty of the country he swindled the Oval office from, don’t think for a minute that he won’t put together a scare to abort public assemblies, such as TEA parties and inquiries into his true nationality. He now presides over the very germ labs in Maryland that gave Saddam his chemical and biological capabilities under previous administrations and can probably unleash them at will and on que.

  10. one things for sure…we are gettings warnings to get our hearts and houses in order with the LORD!

  11. Damon, get hip to the New World Order…this in not an Islamic thing, it never was in the first place. Don’t be deluded by propaganda from the lame stream media. This threat is brought to you by your own government, or I should say, the people running it…you need to know they did 9/11, NOT a bunch of people in caves. Listen to Alex Jones.

  12. You are welcome, Sharon…
    When the 1918 Spanish Flu hit,
    “The first pandemic influenza wave appeared in the spring of 1918, followed in rapid succession by much more fatal second and third waves in the fall and winter of 1918–1919, respectively”

    So more than likely this is nothing but a warm-up. Everything is pointing to this fall as a “junction point” in time, prophetic time. As summer progresses the separation will begin, those that truly “see” and those that do not. It would be extremely prudent to start (if you haven’t already) preparing for the absolute worst of humanity to show it itself… Something is becoming clear, quite clear; Our Father in Heaven is getting ready to reveal Himself in a way that will not be expected… It is related to the “Kingdom of Heaven” and our sub-conscious mind. The Kingdom of Heaven is within us, and our Father is going to reveal this to us. This I believe is related to the Book of Revelations; with the seal comes knowledge… We will know…

    Revelation 7:3
    “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.”


  13. Check out this article for another alternative means of dealing with infectious diseases in addition to colloidal silver- also, Thieves Oil from Young living (expensive) or Aura Cacia Medieval Mix (reasonable), both available from Amazon, or possibly the Aura Cacia could be ordered from your local health food store. If you doubt the effectiveness of herbal medicine, check out Daniel Mowry’s Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine, also available on Amazon.

    There is a British company marketing a hydrogen peroxide mister used for disinfecting hospital rooms- it’s called Bioquell. I bring it to your attention because it’s cheap, once you have the equipment (beyond most household budgets), non-toxic and effective. So, why isn’t con-ventional (there I go again!) medicine jumping all over it? Probably because it’s cheap, non-toxic and effective.

  14. Damon,

    You think a Muslim did this? You probably still think a Muslim was behind 911, don’t you? If any religious group is behind this, it’s the people behind the USS Liberty Attack. Or what about the people behind Gull War Illness that only affects your soldiers? Wasn’t that mycoplasma invented and patented by Mr Lo working for the Army? Why are Americans so ignorant? The enemy is within for you poor souls.

  15. Sorry, I missed the first part of the Oxford Journals article- it’s

  16. Well, the fall is here Sharon… Get ready… Economy should fail within 3 months. And then the “pale horse” starts his ride. Looks like “swine flu”
    i.e their designer flu, with nano technology will begin this…

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