It’s tough to write when so much is going on….

I’LL ADMIT IT; I’ve spent very little time working on the books lately. Hardlly a day goes by that I don’t receive an email or two asking about the next installment of The Laodicea Chronicles, but — honestly — it’s difficult to spend time working in a fictional world when so much is taking place in the real one.

Anyone watching politics has to wonder at the mystique surrounding Barack Obama. Each time I watch him speak, I’m torn between mesmerism and horror. On the one hand, the man from Illinois appears to have all the right answers (non-substantive though those answers might sometimes be), and you can’t deny he’s more rock-star than politician. The horror sets in when I realize this is just the kind of adoration he garners. It defies reason.

And that’s the horrifying part. As to writing, I plan on spending this weekend with shortened nails and a coffee-stoked brain. Eden, Indiana — here I come. This real world is a bit too much.


  1. Sharon: Read your post today ~ Tough to
    write when so much going on! Indeed it is
    true. Time seems to have sped up and as
    soon as you’re up and awake, the days all
    gone and, back to bed. Tasks completed
    are slim indeed. A very strange time we
    are in. I need to write another newsletter
    and find myself so busy with news & posts
    myself, the days come and go ~ and the
    writing WAITS..! Indeed it is true Sharon!
    I completely agree and find myself almost
    WAITING for something to happen! And
    What? Don’t know, just waiting!
    Larry Taylor
    Mena, Arkansas

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