Ordo ab Chao: It’s Greek to Me.

Talk about a head slapping moment. Mind you, I’ve had lots of these over the past ten years, but this morning left my poor forehead stinging and flat.

We all know the latin phrase ordo ab chao, right? Order out of chaos. The obvious meaning implies the usefulness of a a chaotic situation (Rahm Emanuel: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”) We who keep watch expect a very chaotic event to precede the emergence of AntiChrist.

Well, this morning, I spent some time watching a video with Pastor Mike Hoggard (recommended to me on Facebook by George Grateful Davis–thanks, George!). In this fascinating and informative installment of his ‘Watchman’ series, Pastor Mike mentions that chaos is a place. It is, in fact, the abyss. Of course, I had learned this from my Mythology 101 professor at IU, but I’ve spent so much time on the geopolitical aspect of ‘chaos’ that I’d completely forgotten it! And so we are intended to forget it.

Chaos is a Greek word that means gap or chasm. The Greeks believed it to be the yawning void left behind when the heavens separated from the earth. Without getting into too much mythology, let me skip to the end. Chaos is the Abyss.

Now, Ordo is not just ‘order’. It implies a numbered or otherwise ‘ordered’ rank of entities or things. This could mean the numbers in a list, the keys of a piano–or more importantly, in a military sense, the rank and file soldiers in an invasion. In fact, Wikitionary includes this as its ‘military’ definition for ‘ordo’:  rank or line of soldiersbandtroopcompanycommandcaptaincy.

So, ordo ab chao can and most likely does mean a military invasion out of the pit called the Abyss. Revelation 9:11, anyone?



  1. I’ve been following Pastor Mike for a good year or so now. I routinely catch his sermons, but have gotten behind on the Watchman updates. Wow! This just blows my mind. What a new perspective. Like you said, a head-slap indeed.

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