14 Days and Counting!

Two weeks to go until the kickoff of National Novel Writing Month. Are you ready? Are your creative juices flowing? Stumped for a story idea? Although I already have at least two new books in my head right now (at least), I still need to find ways to get into the writing mood. Here are some suggestions:

1. Watch your favorite television series or film–use these for inspiration (not direct source material).

2. Read short stories or better yet write one! Who says you can’t start ‘limbering up’, eh?

3. Take long walks. I love to walk, and I often find my mind turning toward character and plot development while strolling through crispy leaves. If  dark fiction is your preference, then fall is the traditional setting. Take advantage of our turn of season!

4. Start keeping track of innovative, descriptive nuggets: scintillating onomotopoeia or amazing alliteration! I often think of brilliant ideas (well, they seem ‘brilliant’ at the time, and again while walking!) and then lost them if I don’t write them down quickly. Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy has been taken, and it leads to madness.

5. Take ten minutes and write ‘stream of conscious’ content. This is how I write for the entire month of November, and I’m often delighted with what my ‘fingers’ have written!

Well, hope one or two ideas help get you started and on your way to a NaNo adventure.