Just 13 days to wait…and a special dream from last night

Thirteen, eh? As I write this, Derek’s gone to church without me, because my MS symptoms are acting up this morning—or else, my new dose of meds is causing me a bit of trouble. Either way, I’m not quite myself this morning, but regardless, I wanted to share a dream I had last night that has nothing at all to do with NaNoWriMo.

In the dream, both Derek’s family and mine (including my deceased mother) had gathered in Missouri (I assume Columbia) for a holiday meal–either Thanksgiving or Christmas, I honestly don’t know which one, but I can tell you that there were no Christmas decorations in the house. Our home was a sprawling ranch with floor to ceiling windows in several rooms. Through these vistas, we could see the prominence of a rocky hill that rose, perhaps, half a mile toward a gray sky.

We shared many a laugh ’round that extra long dining table, while in the background a television played a movie, interrupted occasionally by announcements by a newsman about earthquake and volcanic activity in the Midwest. I had just spoken with my mother (who sat in an armchair), when I noticed smoke rising from the crest of the hilltop. “It’s belching smoke,” I told my family, and we all moved to the windows to watch the strange behavior–strange indeed for a mid-Missouri hilltop!

The newsman’s interruptions grew more frequent until it became constant coverage of breaking news about volcanoes, and in particular the very hill near our house. The newsman interviewed a scientist who explained that the Missouri river valley may once have been home to a string of volcanoes but that may now be waking once more due to global warming.

The ashfall coated the cars and even floated in the air inside our house. I told my mother to put on a filter mask that she kept in her purse due to fragile lungs. No one else had masks.

Outside, people were beginning to gather to watch the smoking hill. It was growing dark as the sun set behind the rocky hilltop. Just before dark, I noticed the smoke change to a glow, and I screamed for everyone to take cover because the hill had begun to spew out molten hot rocks!

Suddenly, I was outside, perhaps to warn people to flee, but the gawkers remained transfixed and two were hit by the huge, orange-red boulders and crushed. One hit me, and to my shock, it was neither hot nor crushing–in fact, I pushed my way out of a cool crust and escaped.

I looked up, and the hilltop had opened up as if split–the rocks were ‘giving birth’ to something–and all too quickly, we all saw what it was: a gigantic dragon!

I screamed again to warn my family as well as the growing group of gawkers. It was as if they had no concept of fear–in fact, one laughed at the dragon, likening its massive appearance to a cartoon character.

The dragon had emerged completely now, and I could see that its height equaled that of the hill and its wings were double that in length. It lifted off from the volcano and a massive ejection of ash and fire belched from the crater as if to speed the dragon on its way.

The gawking crowd was still laughing as I heard my husband Derek’s voice calling me, “Sweetheart, good morning.”

I tell you of this dream because it’s another one of those that felt ‘important’. I have never claimed to be prophetic, but I believe that we are sometimes given dreams to help gird us for the spiritual battle.

Is a volcano going to open up in central Missouri? Probably not. Is a dragon going to emerge from the crater of a new or even an old volcano? Perhaps, no, but that ‘old Dragon’ will most certainly emerge and soon, and the unsaved world will watch and laugh, not understanding that their very souls are on the line. And we who put our trust in Christ may see this Dragon emerge–we are witnessing the ‘birth pangs’ even now–but our Savior will keep us safe through it all until He calls us “Sweetheart, good morning…it’s time to come home…”

13 days, dear friends until NaNoWriMo. How odd that I should wake compelled to write a warning to the Bride and to the unsaved world on such a day.