11 days to go!

I don’t know about you, but the NaNoWriMo fever is certainly taking hold in the Gilbert Household! My poor brain spends most of its time plotting and preparing scenes and characters; torn between this book and that book. Oh yes, I have at least four books going in my head at any given time. It’s pretty crowded up there, inside my brain. No wonder I have memory problems!

So, if you haven’t already signed up, go straightaway to the National Novel Writing Month site and register! If you’ve written in the past for NaNoWriMo, then you only need to sign in to reactivate your membership–and, of course, it’s all free!–of course, donations are welcome as you’ll see on the main page.

Do you have questions about the experience or about writing in general? Feel free to post them in the comments to any of my NaNoWriMo posts. Or you can browse the forums at NaNoWriMo. They are organized by region and by genre.

Ok, limber up those fingers for typing! These last 11 days will fly by!