Ten and counting…

We’re in the final countdown to NaNoWriMo, and my head is spinning with ideas–isn’t yours?  What to do while waiting, eh? Well, you might want to set up your writing area. If you’re using a laptop, then you’re spoiled for choice! Try out different spots: a comfy chair in the living room, or perhaps the sofa near the window. You could luxuriate on the lanai if you’re in a warm-weather state, or if you’re up north snuggle by the fireplace. I like the latter, for we live in an area where November is as likely to bring snowy days as much as bright blue skies.

If your computer is a desktop, then you’re limited in your choices, but now is the time to consider moving your tower or all-in-one to a cheerful place in the house. If you have WiFi, then your computer can indeed be located wherever you choose, so think out of the box! After all, November is but thirty days, so you can always move things back once December 1 rolls around–and it will roll around, all too quickly. Trust me, those 30 days fly by in a whirlwind of clacking keys and empty coffee cups.

Another thing you might do now is to plan out your snacks. Oh, yes–snacks can make or break a writing marathon. Fill your larder with cases of cola, bags of crunchy, salty chips, mixed nuts, dried fruits, and perhaps even the odd box of donuts (yum!). You can also stock up on ibuprofen (for headaches and muscle strain–trust me, it’s not easy to sit in one position for hours upon end! Writing should be an olympic sport!–with that in mind, dig out that old heating pad. It may well come in handy toward the end.

Finally, buy a bottle of champagne or other celebration libation (we usually buy sparkling cider), and be ready to toast to your success!

If you’ve not yet signed up, then–well, what’s keeping you? Get thee to the NaNoWriMo website, post haste!