Just 9 days to go….

At this point, it’s always tempting for me to scribble a line or two, because the ideas are bursting in my head to get out. The rules, however, are pretty clear: you begin writing on 12:01 am November 1 and finish at midnight on November 30.

So, you might ask, what can you do with all those ideas now? As I’ve written earlier, there are some wonderful computer programs (many are free) that can serve as character organization tools. When I write a book, I keep track of my characters, plot, places, etc. This is vital for editing later. Imagine your reader meeting a blue-eyed Tom Jones on page 10, and then noticing Tom’s jet black eyes mentioned on page 114! Continuity is of major importance in any book, particularly a novel. And if you are planning a series of books, then keeping track of characters, etc. now will make it so much easier later on.

My old favorite, iOrganize, is a Mac only program, so I’ve decided to use a free download called ‘The Guide’. I’ve already been making notes about characters, scene ideas, and overall plot. I find that ideas will come to me when I least expect it (often while driving), so I make a note of them as soon as I’m next at my keyboard.

By the way, if you don’t have a word processing program on your current computer, or if you use multiple computers and always want to access your manuscript, you might consider Google Documents. Once a read-only platform, Google Docs now offers a robust word processor as well as slide presentation tools.

As always, if you’ve not yet signed up, then head on over to National Novel Writing Month’s website and let them know you’re as crazy as the rest of us!

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  1. Sharon – I just love PID Radio’s new schedule for 1/2 a night. I missed you! Well, actually, I fogot to check the iTunes downloads when you were on once-a-week. Now I listen every day again. Perfect format, perfect schedule. Congrats!

    Having you and Derek on daily really helps brighten up my day, although I have to admit I put the iTunes audio playing from the shower when cleaning myself up just before bed.

    You two are unique and special. And I consider it a blessing that you are back doing daily radio again. You are the only ones who bring the wider spiritual dimension to faith. And when you guys are making a point, whether from the Bible or your faith – you do so gently, respectfully and without judgement.

    You and Derek bring the best to Christian broadcasting! God Bless both of you. Your long time listener (except for forgetting when you were once a week).

    Mark Hofreiter

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