An end to an era — PID Radio broadcasts its last…

LAST NIGHT, Derek and I signed off PID Radio for the last time, and our headphones now hang silent in the living room coat closet. They won’t remain silent forever, I’m betting. If you listened to last night’s show, then you know that Derek is considering a solo project, and I think he’d be brilliant at it. As for me, I’m up to my eyeballs in editing and writing, so I’ve plenty to keep me busy. And I’ve returned to adding news items to PID News as time allows — an important task that helps me stay current on the massive game of ‘risk’ that’s now in play across the world. Isn’t it nice to know that the Lord God is the one in charge and not the lunatics?

Speaking of lunatics, some of you might wonder if I’ve not joined that bunch by returning to my white hair. Actually, the white hair pix of me now on the sites was taken in March of this year, but it will be current again in a month or so. I had decided in late March to try a little hair color once again (silly me — I know, but I’m not completely void of the occasional vain thought, come on!). Apparently, however, I have developed an allergy to PPD, an ingredient in most hair coloring products. PPD is a nasty little chemical compound — Para-Phenylenediamine. It goes by numerous chemical names (click here for more information), but no matter the moniker, it’s still the same nasty, coal-tar based compound. Severe forms of the allergy are life-threatening, but even the mild form is no fun. Even the hair itself caused my skin to itch like crazy.

So, I’m sporting nubby hair again, but not for long (no pun intended — okay, it’s intended). I’ve written a number of essays about inner beauty, and buzzed hair serves as a wonderful reminder of that, so I’m not complaining at all.

For now, it’s back to editing, writing, and perusing the world at large. PID Radio may have wrapped production of new shows, but we’ve still got so much to do! Isn’t life great?


  1. So sad to see you go. 🙁 I understand the Lord is leading you and that others will take up the torch but I will miss your soothing, level-headed and brilliant voices.

    Thank you for your service to the Lord. By following his leading you have touched my heart in a way no one else has. Also, in addition to your fascinating guests and blathers I have so enjoyed the respect you two have for one another. It is a beautiful thing to hear a couple so in sync.

    God bless both “Ozzie & Harriet.” You will be missed.

  2. Carla S expressed my thoughts so well; I would say “ditto!” I only found PID Radio a couple of months ago, but I have listened to many of the archived shows, and wait impatiently for each new one to be posted. When I noted this morning that you were ending the show, I went looking for more information and arrived here. This is an exciting website, and I will be visiting often. Thank you both so much for all you are doing. If there is any way I might help, jot me a note. All blessings in Christ Jesus. You and your work are in my prayers.

  3. I am sad to hear that PID Radio is coming to an end. I have enjoyed the interaction between both of you, and the respect with which you treat your guests–even when you don’t agree with them.

    I wish both of you well in your projects. Keep us informed, and please sign on if the Lord puts something on your heart to say.

    Best Blessings!

  4. I was so sad to see the title on my iTunes, I couldn’t believe it and had to go to the website to see if it was true!!! You all are GREAT and I have sooo enjoyed your show!! Please keep us informed on your website as to what you all are up to next!!!

    Thanks and GOD Bless!!!

  5. PID off the air? NOOOOOO! Just after I’ve found you–a mooring of sanity in a crazy world–for two people with the most interesting, anointed on-air presence and for the data input I am eternally grateful. I will never look at a white panel truck sitting outside my house without thinking of you two! Oh what is this media junkie to do?? Thanks for making all the shows I missed available on the site–it is a small comfort! Be well! Ya done good!

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