Catching Up With Myself

May 12, 2008

IF YOU ARE a writer, then you will most likely empathize with what I’m doing now — re-reading my own material.

I wrote Winds of Evil in December 2002 — a very long time ago, and followed that with Armageddon Strain (final draft finished in March 2004), and Signs and Wonders (started in April 2004 with the final draft completed in 2006 — the delay caused by publishing issues).

So, now that I’m enjoying this refreshing ‘writing sabbatical’, I find that I must return to ‘go’, so to speak by re-reading all that’s gone before.

I’ve been taking my own sweet time as I do this — carefully making notes on every scene and every character — hoping to avoid continuity issues that so easily arise during long writing gaps. The bottom line is that I’m still working through the final read through of Signs and Wonders (after finishing Winds), and I hope to return to the work on Doctrines of Demons in another week or so.

I’ll be sending out ‘teasers’ to all who have signed up for the mailing list. If you’re interested, please send me a note with ‘Sign me up’ in the subject line.

Now, back to work!

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