Day Seventeen — Mush for Brains


November 17, 2007

WHERE IS the month going, huh? November is getting away from me, and I just want to play! Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather we’re experiencing here in Mid-Missouri (nearly 70 degrees and sunny!). Maybe it’s the lack of Krispy Kremes (no, Columbia doesn’t have one — all the more reason to move to Indiana). Most likely, it’s my brain’s need to do nothing for a short while.

So, as I shift into neutral for the remainder of the day, I thought I’d explain what Derek and I are up to. For those who read the posts at PID Radio, you already know that we’re returning to Indiana. We’ll talk about it in tomorrow night’s podcast, but our reasons are simple: Family. The Lord is closing some doors and opening others, and it’s clearer with each passing day that our future lies east of the Wabash. Like his ancestors, Derek will soon be a Hoosier. (Perhaps the very first one who wears a Cubs cap).

We’re doing our best to keep up with news while packing. As you can tell from the graphic, I’ve managed to post a bit of news to Peering into Darkness. I’ve also been listening to Russ Dizdar’s ‘Black Awakening’ teaching series. (BTW, that’s a major hint about the plot for Sleeper).

Our plans for now are to move the week of November 26th — perhaps on the 26th. Weather will play a factor. Your prayers are most welcome.

My brain’s nodding off now, so I’d best stop moving my fingers.