Hello Finish Line!

Madison River Road

I took this photo of Madison, Indiana’s scenic ‘river road’ during my early October trip. The trees hadn’t yet turned — you should see the hills when they turn to a flame of burnt orange and glittering gold. Soon, my feet will be firmly planted upon this rich Hoosier soil. Thanks to our Lord and to my husband for making it all possible!

November 20, 2007

IT’S AMAZING what a little motivation can do for one. With our move to Indiana around the corner, and no concept of what sort of internet connection we’ll have for the immediate future, my fingers and brain woke up long enough to make it past the 50k goal with a bit to spare. No, the book isn’t finished, but the bulk of the draft is done, so December will be spent in rewrites and editing.

One of the changes I plan to make to the book is to move the primary action from Missouri to Indiana. I like writing with the ‘setting’ all about me, so I had placed my main character (a woman who wakes from a long coma — or so she’s told) in Mid-Missouri. However, my other novels all take place in Indiana in a fictional river town called Eden. As with many writers, my ‘fictional world is based in a real one — my own hometown of Madison, Indiana. However, to differentiate ‘Eden’ from Madison, I also use the real Madison in Armageddon Strain. Derek and I will be staying with my sister not far from Madison, and I’m looking forward to spending creative time on that winding, silvery river, the Ohio.

Over the next few days, I plan to spend quality time with Derek (we’re watching the Millennium series from start to finish this week). Honestly, I can’t think of anything I treasure more than time with my wonderful husband.

When next I write, we’ll be in Indiana. Back home again.


  1. Sharon,

    My goodness the changes in your life! Glad to hear that the writing is progressing. Enjoy – –


  2. Congrats on the move and becoming a Hoosier. I recently moved my family from Phoenix metro to northeast Indiana and couldn’t be happier. It was completely God ordained as we sold, bought and moved without a single job lead or plan. All has worked to near perfection. My wife grew up in a nearby town named Edon, over the state line. Coincidentally, we were visiting Edon and family just after I had finished reading Winds of Evil…hmmm… Anyway, no looking back. My children are enjoying a real, rural childhood like we had- the least I could do in these final hours. Enjoy and good to see you both settling in and back online.

  3. Dear Sharon,
    I have been drawn to Madison for the past several months. I applied for a job at King’s Daughters Hospital, but they currently have a hiring freeze. So, I applied for a job in Batesville, Indiana, and have been hired there. Why, all of the sudden, I felt like I should move to Indiana, I don’t know. My grandfather was born in Lawrenceburg, but grew up in SW Ohio. Indiana must be one happening place for Christians! There is a church in the Aurora area which I am very interested in. I hope to visit soon. God bless you both! Maybe I will see you around town sometime!

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