NaNoWriMo Diary — Day 15

Sleeper Small

November 15, 2007

I SHOULD BE FINISHED, right? Stink. 20k plus words in my future, but I’ll forge ahead and get ‘er done. Sigh.

Actually, I’ve not been completely idle. Derek and I returned to Missouri yesterday morning from a five-day visit to Indiana. We had planned to get back here on Tuesday, but a freak fog settled into eastern Illinois on Tuesday afternoon, reducing visibility on US 50 (the scenic route) down to 100 yards or so. I can’t tell you how spooky it was — especially with images of Stephen King’s new movie, The Mist, in my head. I grew up in a hilly area of Indiana, so I’m accustomed to sudden fog banks, but this one outstripped anything I’d ever seen. The dense bank descended from the heavens, enclosing everything in a thick blanket of gray. It was hypnotic. After nearly an hour of it, Derek and I decided to park our car and our carcasses in a comfy hotel for the night. Safety first, right? Right.

As I mentioned above, we took the ‘scenic route’ along US 50 rather than Interstate 64. We love traveling past farms and along small town Main Streets (we saw a dozen or so Masonic Lodges, for instance). Such travel adds to the time spent traveling, but we enjoyed every minute of it. Even the fog bank had an ethereal beauty about it — despite its inherent dangers.

You’ll notice that I’ve concocted a cover for ‘Sleeper’. I’ve much to do over the next two weeks (including packing to move — more on that tomorrow). In the meantime, if you’re part of NaNoWriMo, hang in there! We’ll cross that finish line together!

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  1. My NaNoWriMo got derailed by a final exam that’s coming up on Monday. Phhht. 60% of my grade and I have yet to read a page in one of the two textbooks we were assigned for the course.

    Oh well, should be smooth NaNo’ing after that.

    God be with you in your move. Praying all goes well.

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