Rats! Two Days without Writing a Word!

It happens to every writer: you’re in the middle of the creative process–you’re loving those first waves of ‘where do we go?’ ‘who is this character?’, and ‘gee, I really love the direction this is taking!’–when life gets in the way. The past 2 days have been a nice kind of upheaval in Gilbert House: we’ve spent our evenings working on putting together desks, etc. for our new ‘Bunker’, and I’ve spent my days tweaking the decor to make it work (I call it ‘nesting’).

Consequently, I’ve written nil, nada, nothing. Most likely, I’ll not be able to get back to the old keyboard until Monday, but I’m still aiming for that 50k mark by November 30. I pray all is going well with every one of you other WriMos.

See you on Monday with pictures of the new Bunker and perhaps an increased word count! May the Lord bring you inspiration and joy as you write.