NaNoWriMo Day 8 Word Count: 10,282

HOW’S the writing going with you? If you’re like I am, then you’ve hit a nice stride. Characters have started to solidify, and the plot has sharpened a bit. It’s usually at this point, that I rethink everything and want to start all over again, but I have to resist that urge, or else I’ll never finish it. It’s like rearranging furniture: my mind can imagine endless combinations and conformations, but visitors really just want a place to sit and talk. I constantly have to remind myself that readers just want a good story–and that they really don’t care which path I take so long as it leads to a satisfactory ending and provides interesting scenery along the way. Ok, I’ve mixed metaphors again, but you get my drift.

I will therefore resist my inner urge to edit, edit, edit right now. Word count is all that matters in NaNoWriMo; we can rearragne the furniture in December!

As always, the link to my online rough draft is here at Google Docs.