Well, I made it…

WITH a little quiet time and lots of coffee, I crawled past the finish line and then continued on to the nearest Krispy Kreme, which proved to be in the next virtual town. So, how about you? Didn’t I see some of you lirking in a cafe just a block or two from me? Put down that half caff latte and hit the ground running….November 30th is at the next traffic light, and it’s turning red!

BTW, I’ve not updated the online novel with any further content…come on! Why give away my careful plotting? Besides, I plan to make substantial changes in the coming months. If I can hang out here at the Krispy Kreme ’til spring, I just might have something published!


  1. Congrats Sharon!
    I look forward to the next Gilbert novel!

  2. Will you be finishing your November book? Thank you, Charlotte

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