Nothing New under the Sun

TODAY’S ‘Bible in 90 Days’ Reading: 2 Kings 4:38 – 2 Kings 15:26

IN SOME WAYS, reading the stories of the kings and queens of Israel and Judah are like reading headlines in newspapers now. There are a few differences, of course.  For the most part, the world leaders that meet each other today do so with ‘civility’, that is, they kill each other politically and financially, rather than slay each other with swords.

They also do not–openly–worship baalim or golden calves, at least not with ceremonial rites described in the Old Testament. It is clear, however, that power and wealth are everpresent goals for most leaders. And when they conspire together, they most assuredly tell lies for gain.

However, God sees all that they do, both in the open and in secret. He knows their hearts, and He has determined their ends from the beginning. So, do not despair, dear friend, when you see the way our world is turning. Great men have always devised evil, but the Lord God Almighty will turn their sins against them–He will judge.

Let us, then, keep praying for our world leaders, that, perhaps, some will turn to God, for as long as there is breath, there is time to repent. May the Lord be always glorified.

Thank you, Jesus, for your covering blood, which washes away all sin. Help us to daily turn from choices that lead us away from your side, and keep our feet planted firmly upon the path of righteousness.

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  1. Amen, and we need to come against the powers that are influncing the “leaders” in Jesus name.

    Thanks again

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