Taking a Two Week Break

While Derek and I host our pastor’s wonderful children for a couple of weeks, I’ll need to spend more time ‘off line’. Hence, I’ll be taking a 2-week hiatus from writing articles about the ‘Bible in 90 Days’ Challenge. If you’re following the schedule, please continue! I’ll ‘catch up’ in about 14 days!

The reading schedule can be found here.

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  1. HELLO Sharon and Derek G…You thing I hope in a couple of weeks you both address

    Not surprising to us here, my wife and I but the MOVIE PAUL..LA Marzuli sa it today also I did not see any christian radio or blog till today write on this film its been out two weeks total time..IT TOTALLY BASHES CHIRSTIAN FAITH ALONE…GOD, JESUS, THE SCRIPTURES, and a designer of creation all for hollywood fun and BRAIN WASHING…

    I coul dnot beieve it…i expected it but not so in your face straight out hitting you and just wow hard to swallow my wife and i left we were very unhappy with it and being a film degreed director, i was surprised and not one once of reviews stating this about the scripting etc from the movie…???wow and very disappointing but kinda expected I guess.

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