Time is fluid, right?

My last post mentions that I’d planned a ‘two week break’. Yeah, right. I think that was about the time that our family’s entire timeline shifted into another dimension, i.e. Derek was told he was being promoted to outside sales in Illinois. Suddenly, we flew into a whirlwind of real estate searches, communications with our relocation company, driving to look at houses, driving to meet with family….well, you get the idea.

Ah…now, it’s late April, and I’m writing this in a totally different state, a totally different home. Thank you, all, for the many well wishes, prayers, and loving comments to me on Facebook and via email or phone. I cannot imagine how we’d have made it without our names being constantly mentioned to our Savior. The move went very smoothly, and my physical stresses were reduced to a bare minimum. Despite that minimum, I’m in the recovery process from that ‘little stress’ of unpacking and establishing a new home with decor, food, clean sheets, etc.

Sam is adapting nicely, but then he’s resilient. He’s already making friends in the neighborhood. We now hear ‘Hi, Sam’ while walking him in the evening. Sam’s quite an ambassador.

And…with pictures mostly on the walls and the kitchen almost set-up, I got back to writing this week, producing a project for an upcoming non-fiction book, published by someone you all know. More on that in a month or so. I’ve finished the chapter and will send the final, edited version on Monday.

Next project: fiction. And the sequel long promised….

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  1. Sharon,

    So glad to see that you guys are settled enough that the creative juices are flowing and you are able to write. We moved many times during our married life, and I know the satisfaction of feeling that ‘the dust can settle now’ accompanied by a “Thank you, Jesus” and a big sigh. We pray many blessings for you and Derek in your new home. Now, go get creative. :0)

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