My Crazy Idea

I’ll admit it. I’m taking way too long to ‘finish’ the next book in the Laodicea Chronicles. I’ve danced around this issue off and on, so let me tell you just what is behind the agonizingly long road to Doctrines of Demons. As some of you may know, the first publisher of both my initial books, Winds of Evil and Armageddon Strain was a company called deeperCalling. This was a small publishing company with big ideas and far more promises than their budget would allow. Sales were spotty, but the reviews for both books gave us confidence to move ahead.

It was at this time that deeperCalling decided to re-publish both books through an established and very large publishing company, Whitaker House with hopes of tapping into distribution and promotion outlets. Without getting into details, our relationship with both companies fizzled, which left us with no publisher and two books that required sequels.

Derek and I took on the daunting task of self-publishing, which meant I wore many hats, and this led to stress that I can’t even begin to express. I managed to complete Signs and Wonders and began numerous projects, including Doctrines of Demons, but my editor persona conflicted constantly with my creative one. Doctrines of Demons is pretty much finished, but I keep editing! So, here’s my Crazy Idea: I will publish one chapter of Doctrines of Demons here each week…for anyone to read…for free. This will force me to settle on a ‘version’ of the book. We will also produce an audio version–also for free.

Why free? Honestly, neither Derek nor I wish to make oodles of cash from the gifts the Lord has given us. God has provided all we need, when we’ve needed it, so offering this for free is my way of thanking the Lord for allowing my imagination to honor Him (at least, I pray it does!).

Thanks to all my faithful readers who have so patiently waited for this book. You have no idea how much your encouraging emails mean to me. May the Lord keep you all in His strong hand and surround you with His blessings.

So, with this in mind, click on this link to read the Prologue. Chapter One will be posted next week.

(If you enjoy the chapters and want to chip in, feel free to do so by supporting PID Radio, which is our primary outreach and passion. — Thanks to Von and Kev for the suggestion!)



  1. Still think you should embed a Paypal donate button with each chapter you post so readers can still pay for accessing your work if we want too.

  2. Yay! More Gilbert Fiction!
    I’d rather see you compensated as an author for your fiction, but I’ll gladly take it any way I can get it!
    I’ve noticed some mainstream authors have taken to serializing fiction on their website.

    Once the serialization is over, you should collect it into one book for us loyal readers to buy!

  3. Many Whuffies to you. This is the future of intellectual property. Go Gilberts, ride that long tail!

  4. hi Sharon, while reading your work i came across an error that i thought you might be interested in.

    accommodated should instead be acclimated [pg 9]

    this is the 1st i’ve read 1 of ur books as i am disabled and on a very very tight income so i’ve not been able to buy any, i have enjoyed what i’ve read so far tho. 🙂
    i also listen to u and Derick whenever u post pod casts. well i’ve taken enough space and time up here lol, GL & bye for now.

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