Doctrines of Demons, free online reading, Chapter One

As promised, here is the link for chapter one of Doctrines of Demons, Book Three of the Laodicea Chronicles. Derek and I will get to work on an audio version of this free book this month, and we’ll post the link once the first five chapters are available (Podiobooks requires 5 recorded chapters before accepting any book).



  1. Love your series! I am an avid reader and could barely put Books One & Two down. I immediately tried to find Book Three at thr Barnes & Noble website for my Nook, but it wasnt available. Please tell me how to get the rest of this series.


    Debbie Barney

    1. I Loved the series, and was excited to find Doctrines of Demons on line, but it was only one chapter. How can I get the whole book?

  2. I love your Laodicea Chronicles series. My husband studies all the time and he bought me the Winds of Evil and then we finally found Signs and Wonders. I cannot wait for the Doctrines of Demons to come out. I just bought the Armageddon Strain and I cannot wait to read it. May God bless you and your husband for the ministry that you do.

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