Armageddon Strain

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“We’re so sorry, but your father passed away twenty minutes ago. Would you like to speak with his nurse?”

With these words, Dr. Maggie Hilliard Taylor begins a yellow brick road journey that will forever change her concept of reality. As an avian flu epidemic grips the country, a mysterious package arrives in Taylor’s office – a computer with an encoded message of doom for all of humanity. Why has Maggie’s old high school friend, a government operative, chosen now to resurface? Why is Dr. Hank Meier, a virtual stranger, trying so hard to win Taylor’s friendship?

As she unravels the mystery, Maggie’s journey takes her deep into enemy territory, and she soon learns how her father’s untimely death is linked to the deaths of nearly two dozen other scientists — and that every one of the dead or missing specialists had a connection to a shadowy company known to the world as BioStrain, a company with a government contract to create a doomsday weapon known only as the BioStrain chip.

And now that same company wants Maggie to take up her Father’s work – no matter what the cost.

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  1. Sounds familiar…let me think…NAW! It couldn’t be the same…THAT was 100’s of World class Scientists…and…well…wait a minute, come to think of it, a couple of them DID disapear…Hey!

    You know sumpin’ WE DON’T? You try’ta TELL us sumpin? huh?!?

    Well, guess I’ll have to READ IT & find out! right?

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