Schroedinger’s Cat and a Ball of String Theory

Cat String

IF A SCIENTIST places eleven physicists in an enclosed environment, how many of those physicists would remain in our dimension after three days? The answer, of course, is that only ten would remain, because one of the eleven would inevitably, spontaneously transpose to the eleventh dimension in order to observe the others, which, as everyone knows, nullifies any and all resulting data due to human ‘participation’.  Just ask Schroedinger’s cat.  

Michio Kaku, world famous physicist and nimble ice skater, wrote a fascinating book called Parallel Worlds upon which the documentary of the same name is based. Both book and television special explore theoretical notions of creation from a humanist perspective. And therein lies the fault. All calculations lead back to the instant of the so-called ‘big bang’, but nothing can break through the instant before the big bang. 

Sad, isn’t it? String theory, membrane theory, and parallel universes tickle the brains of men and women like Kaku, but in their zeal to unravel mysteries, they miss what lies at the end of the ‘string’. The Creator. The One who came before.

In the beginning, God….Once you accept Him, then everything makes sense. God created our universe, so He gets to make the rules.  What I find the most amazing is that He provided His own Son as our Salvation — because WE broke HIS rules.


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