Google Reveals UFO Secret at Twitter

The UFOs are back in droves on Google’s logo today, just in time to celebrate H.G. Wells’ birthday. Today is also the autumnal equinox, by the way–an auspicious day for such revelations.

So, that’s all cleared up–right? Here’s what Google had to say this morning:

You might have noticed an unexplained set of doodles on the Google homepage and a couple tweets from our official Twitter stream, @google, over the last two weeks. On September 5th, we posted a doodle with the abduction of our second ‘o’ and a coded tweet from its alien captors: 1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19, which translates into “All your O are belong to us” (a nod to the Japanese video game, Zero Wing).

more at Official Google Blog: A mysterious series for H.G. Wells.


  1. All your clicks are belong to Google >.>

  2. Happy birthday H.G Wells.. Me and Google love you grandpa 🙂

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