UFO memes just keep echoing…

In addition to the Google series of UFO logos, observers in the northeastern US saw strange lights over the weekend that turned out to be nothing more than an artificially created ‘noctilucent’ cloud. I know that I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m not sure how NASA can really benefit from an experiment that’s supposed to develop dust particle distribution models.

I’ve seen something that must have been a noctilucent cloud (summer 2005), and they are very weird–and very big. Why, if I were wearing a tinfoil hat, I might even say someone in the government wants to create UFO panic.

(CNN) — A series of spooky lights above parts of the northeastern United States Saturday sparked a flurry of phone calls to authorities and television news stations.

NASA said strange lights seen in the Northeast on Saturday were caused by an experimental rocket.

CNN affiliate stations from New Jersey to Massachusetts heard from dozens of callers who reported that the lights appeared as a cone shape shining down from the sky.

However, the lights were the result of an experimental rocket launch by NASA from the agency’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, a spokesman told CNN.

via Rocket launch prompts calls of strange lights in sky – CNN.com.

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  1. The government wants to create UFO panic? Why would they want to do that? I thought government was our friend. I’m so disappointed.

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