Spitz-Fire: More than just sex?

Breaking a Sweat: Is there more to ‘Client 9’s’ indiscretion?

March 11, 2008

YOU CAN’T TUNE into a cable news program this week without being assaulted by the round-the-clock, full court press against sitting Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer. The Emperors Club Prostitution Ring story bears all the hallmarks of tabloid titillation: a high-profile politician, wire-tapping and tax evasion, and a high-priced call girl ring that boasts a ranking of ‘seven diamonds’ for service and satisfaction. What news junkie could ask for more?

Here’s what you might not hear from your favorite talking head on cable: Mark Brener, alleged pimp/CEO of the Emperors Club and one of the indicted defendants, carries an Israeli passport.

I bring this up because of another fallen governor — this one from back in 2004. Recall, if you will, the woeful tale of James McGreevey, who resigned from his position at the top of New Jersey politics over revelations of an ongoing affair with Golan Cipel. Cipel, whom McGreevey met while on a junket to Israel, received a reported $100k per year as New Jersey’s Homeland Security Director, a position requiring high clearance.

Sexpionage is nothing new in the underbelly of geopolitics, but you might wonder why our friend and ally, Israel, might seek to spy on our politicians. I say, why wouldn’t they — why wouldn’t any country with an agenda related to American participation? The US spends billions to influence elections and policy in countries all over the world — why would the US not then be the target of such ‘influence’? Israel has much to gain by maintaining US support.

Finally, consider the timing of the Spitzer scandal. Whenever one story eats up most of any news cycle, I tend to look elsewhere — trying to see what sleight of hand might be taking place. For instance. VP Dick Cheney has emerged from his current ‘undisclosed location’ and is visiting Saudi Arabia right now. Cyber Storm II has begun. Israel and the PA have reached a ‘cease fire’ in Gaza. High finance is playing monopoly with our futures. And that’s just for starters.

No doubt, Spitzer and Co. will continue to dominate cable news programming (offering a nice respite from the nauseating coverage of the ObamaClintonMcCain train). Certainly, new revelations and even possible indictments might be forthcoming (rumor has it that a Chicago-based person of interest is ‘Client 10’). For now, any connection to espionage is conjecture on my part, but I’ll be carefully collating new information as this story unfolds.


  1. It was definitely a goon job perpetrated by wall street, big corporate enemies who hated that he attempted to clean up the ‘sell-side’ equity research ~ investment banking gravy train of disingenuous and compromised research that went into public hands. The intelligence apparatus exists on wall street ie, where there’s money and power. They will use any means to attempt to go after what they feel threatens them on their turf. Spitzer represented that threat. I was acquainted with him and wanted him to address 911. He said it was a federal matter. As the Bush Admin, the Clinton Admin, BigCorporate, the intelligence apparatus and indirectly ‘wall-street’ are complicit and duplicitous with 911, and I was downtown on 911, arguably a 911 ‘survivor’ who knew it was an inside job, with demolition, etc, it was a threat to those whose self interests desperately want 911 to appear like camel drivers from afghanistan violated our trillion dollar air system and hoodwinked our multitrillion dollar military, destroying a multi billion dollar office complex, killing 2,800 or more people while obtaining 2 hot wars and 3 pieces of ‘patriot act’ legislation that eliminated habeus corpus and aggressively ushered in a control-surveillance society with legal ability for the NSA to tap your phone, apartment etc, without ordinary judicial oversight.

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